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DIY Petal Ruffled Puff Sleeve Top

yellow-skirt-puff-sleeve-top-Pouf Shoulders

I LOVE this DIY petal sleeve top. It’s one of my favorites, and one of my favorite DIYing technique as well. I’ve petalled shoes, a clutch, a wedding bolero jacket {though I’m not quite finished with that one yet}, and even a baby onesie. Though tedious and time consuming, it’s an easy technique that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Here’s What You’ll Need…


* T-shirt, jacket, blazer or top of any kind really

DIY Petal Ruffle Puff Sleeve Top

* Chiffon, or sheer fabric in a matching color {or not}
* Needle/Thread/Scissors

DIY Petal Ruffle Puff Sleeve Top

DIYPetal Ruffle Puff Sleeve Top

DIY Petal Ruffle Puff Sleeve Top

I needed a bit more than I anticipated. At least 40 squares per sleeve. AT LEAST!

DIY Petal Ruffle Puff Sleeve Top

And… Voila!



DIYBLack Petal Ruffle Puff Sleeve Top

* NOTE: The edges of the chiffon I used for the sleeves is frayed more than the bag/shoes because I “tore” the fabric to give it that look. For the bag and shoes, I cut the petals out separately. See below. * Also NOTE: this is quite a long and tedious project.



Have Fun!

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