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Pop the Lunetta! Make A Date for Quality Me-Time

This post is sponsored by Lunetta

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

Whether we’re isolated and/or by ourselves often (working) or our lives are swirling with kids and people like a revolving door, quality me-time is so important to our mental health and general well-being that when we don’t make time for it, we find ourselves impatient, cranky, irritable and moody, and having less to give to those we love; all of which takes away from our quality of life.

If you’re like me, it’s a big challenge to make time for ourselves without feeling guilty or like we “should” be doing something else (especially during the holiday season), but it’s simply about prioritizing our needs, setting boundaries and intending to make it important enough to schedule into our busy lives.

If we have time to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and get lost in social shares and the lives of others for twenty minutes or more (uh hello, rabbit hole), then we definitely have time to carve out for a little productive me-time and give back to “us” and into our needs for a while.

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

I don’t drink wine often, so when I do, I make it special. I curate it into a little event and make a date with myself and turn an average hour or so of generalities into an intended hour (or more) of goodness. Taking a little time for myself sometimes beyond the norm is like a reset for my brain and benefits my entire mind/body/spirit.

When I partnered with Lunetta Wine, I thought it was the PERFECT opportunity to carve out some me-time and fully indulge in it. Sometimes we need a major prompt to do nice things for ourselves or to just take a break from the chaos of life and settle into the moment, and this was it for me.

Lunetta means “Little Moon” (how sweet is that?!) which set the mood even more and I created a little evening all to myself. I really wanted to make it more special than usual and take time to read, journal, get into my creative thinking space and just go with the flow. I prepped the room, lit a candle, brought all the things that may spark my fancy at the moment, grabbed a few snacks and dove right in.

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

Lunetta Prosecco is produced in northern Italy by Cavit, winemakers of America’s #1 Italian Pinot Grigio and #1 Imported Pinot Noir, at their spectacular state-of-the-art sparkling wine facility.

It’s light and refreshing with just the right amount of sparkle with just a hint of sweetness. It’s really delicious and the bottle and name also make it the perfect gift! Wrap it up in a basket with a journal, candle, a book & a few snacks and you have the perfect “me-time” gift basket for the holidays that’s thoughtful & sweet.

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

Quality me-time activities that are mind-body-spirit & enhance overall wellness

* Color in adult coloring books or free hand draw or paint
* Read a book
* Meditate, yoga, stretch or quiet time
* Take a walk and intentionally connect with nature and the beauty around you
* Set up a picnic in bed with your favorite wine (or tea or whatever you enjoy)
* Write a letter to your younger self or to your future self
* Write a letter to the universe
* Make a gratitude list
* Look around whatever space you’re in and notice 5 things that are beautiful about it or that you like
* Listen to music (and get up and dance!)

If some of these things are part of your normal day, congrats! But think of things that give back to your health and wellness that are out of the ordinary for you.

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

Pop the Lunetta - How to spend quality Me-Time with Yourself

During the holidays especially, when we’re all going a million miles a minute, trying to do all the things for all the people, carve out a time to just be with yourself, get ready for it, indulge in it, set a date and let those in your family know this time is for you and not to be bothered. Get a babysitter if your partner is not available. Make time for yourself so you can be more to those who love you and who you love today and everyday.

So Pop the Lunetta and enjoy… your future self will thank you.

Cheers! To YOU!

* This post is sponsored by Lunetta

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