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Project: Backyard – Patio & Pool …continued

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Since my last patio/outdoor living space post I’ve added a few new details: decorative throw pillows, a faux leather ottoman, a leafy plant in a blue pot, bbq {unseen} & an umbrella for shade. This is a view from the pool side and while I’m not a huge fan of the chain link fence, it does separate the pool from the patio quite nicely & is great for keeping dogs {especially Pugs who fall in the pool} and kids out when not in use.

backyard patio furniture

…and here’s the opposing view

backyard+pool+lounge chairs

We found these amazing old hotel lounge chairs at the Hotel Surplus Outlet for $25 each & cushions at Osh for $49 which match our patio furniture. I’m kind of in love with the Hotel Surplus Outlet for these kind of freakily awesome finds {like our vintage-ish animal print chair in our living room}. Lounge chairs are ridiculously expensive, even for non-designer ugly ones. So I’m happy with my hotel loungers …even if they say “Sausalito Gardens” on the backrest 😉

lounge chair+outdoor throw pillow+backyard

I found the floral print outdoor throw pillows at Amazon {Solarium Skyworks Floral Decorative Outdoor Throw Pillow $39} as well as the aqua Lennar Stripe throw pillowsbackyard patio decor inspiration{on the ottoman $18.99} and you may recognize the little Jade plant from the baby shower I decorated a few weeks ago {Trader Joes $5.99 each}. The white-topped side tables are vintage …they were my dad’s {in fact, they may have been my grandpa’s}

backyard palm trees

These are the King Palms I found at Osh last Friday for $9.89 each. I originally wanted porcelain pots but really I couldn’t pass up the ease and price of the plastic faux clay pots {$9.99 each}. This is the side wall next to the pool …not much space actually but I love the tiles that break up the boring stucco wall. They were really the inspiration for the entire backyard.


And this is the back of the pool.

backyard+poolside+lounge chairs

There is some recent law about diving boards in The Valley and as you can see they have removed it as such …but left the awesome poles that stabilized it. I originally wanted to build a wood box/table around it to hide it completely …and I still may, but for now, I used the coffee table that came with the patio furniture and it happens to fit perfectly in the space.

lounge chairs+throw pillows

There are two more giant palms in the back corner of the yard {same as the giant one on the patio side can see the reflection of it on the glass table & pool & wall below}. They are Jelly Palms and even though LeRoy eats the berries/seeds that fall from them I love the long palm fronds they have …they add to the tropical feel I’m going for.


Of course, it’s not entirely done yet. There’s another area next to a lemon tree on the opposite side of the pool, next to the chain link fence that possibly needs a few low chairs and a table and I want more plants. Thinking also about a wood deck/long step off of the sliding glass door …but that may take a while.


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