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Random Art Finds & This Week’s Favs

sam francis painting in a house with stairs and ocean view, a painting of a painting

We are having an event at our gallery this evening so I’m stuck here until 8pm. I actually work for an art dealer but we have a rather large gallery space and on occasion, we lend it for events. It is not in any way art related but I’m sure the boss thinks he’ll get some leads as we were told “high rollers” would be mingling.

I wish I could say I was excited to be here. I am not.

So, I’ll likely be doing a bit of blogging for a while.

Yan Pei-Ming, “Bruce Lee” 2007

William Wood “Untitled I” 1998

Tom McKinley
{actually this work is on its way to our gallery}
…and is freshly painted so it is nameless, but I really love it.

Andy Warhol “Electric Chair #76”
I must admit, this work is here as well but I just LOVE it!
I had to photograph it yesterday and color correct it and I fell. in. love.

Melanie Pullen “Phones”
I LOVE Melanie Pullen’s “High Fashion Crime Scenes” series
They are TO DIE FOR {pun intended!}
We actually had this in the gallery at one point but it was returned. We kept two others but this was the bets! They are gigantic in person and phenomenal

Here’s another.
Oh, you should really check her site {link above} They are all so dreamy!

Cindy Sherman “Untitled Film Still #13” 1978

We get all the Sotheby’s and Christie’s {and various other} auction catalogues delivered regularly at the gallery and I love thumbing through them. The black and white above was on the cover of a recent Christie’s catalogue and sold for $902,500…wow!

Jeff Koons “Puppy” 1998
I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these!

Well, the madness is beginning. Must go and be social. Ugh!

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