Refashion Old Sweat Pants DIY…super cute for the kiddies too

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY
These are old Juicy cropped terry sweats


Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-1

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-2

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-3

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-4

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-5

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-6

Maegans-DIYs-voila …a flirty harem effect

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-8
* NOTE: I did this to a pair of old Juicy velour sweats about 7 years ago & the hole has not gotten larger or frayed even through washings. But make sure to start out with a small slit & fold the ribbon to push it through if necessary.

Ridiculously easy …do it in 5 minutes …and Have Fun!



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  • Lindsay [Bella Cene']

    May 18, 2010 |

    That is so cute!!! Thanks for the idea – you have the BEST do-it-yourselfs!

  • J

    May 18, 2010 |

    I bet if a person were lucky enough to have a sewing machine that does button holes that would be an awesome way to make sure the sweats didn’t fray.

  • L ~DIY Diva~

    May 18, 2010 |

    very cute idea and sooooo simple.

    fashion DIY @


    May 18, 2010 |
  • J-Diggety

    May 18, 2010 |


  • anhesty

    May 18, 2010 |

    cute! these are much better than the old navy ones i have that have snaps. the ribbon is cute!

  • Jac

    May 18, 2010 |

    Great idea. This is perfect for when my daughter outgrows her pants.

    *I gave you a shout out in my most recent blog post check it out at

  • Lauren

    May 18, 2010 |


  • Sassi

    May 18, 2010 |

    what a simple but great idea!

  • God's Favorite Shoes!

    May 18, 2010 |

    Now, I can work with this DIY:) I have so many work out pants that somehow shrink on me and I still wear them because who is going to spend more money for work out clothes.

    I walk into the gym looking like George Jefferson, everytime looking like I was running from a flood.


  • LifestyleBohemia

    May 18, 2010 |

    This is a great way to take winter pants and bring them into spring. Great project!

  • Andi

    May 18, 2010 |

    Awesome idea as always! Thanks so much for the fab inspirations. As you said, this will be perfect for my daughter’s sweat pants that are a bit too short now 😉

  • Kris

    May 18, 2010 |

    Not only are these cute you made them more flattering! Where do you find the time? AMAZING!

  • Brooke

    May 18, 2010 |

    Love this idea. I’m pretty tall, and I have so many sweatpants that are now too short (I guess I’m bad at laundry). I’m definitely going to try this 🙂

  • Alba

    May 18, 2010 |

    Wow!! awesome! great idea! xoxo

  • Pink Julep

    May 18, 2010 |

    We used to do stuff like that with our team t-shirts in high school… tying the sleeves up the same way with ribbons to make them sleeveless! Cute idea!

  • Sassy Jen

    May 18, 2010 |

    This is a great, simple, DIY!

    My problem is that I own no sweat pants so I have to buy some. Just like the DIY feather skirt, I had to sew a black skirt for the base since I had no black skirts. I have one weird wardrobe…

  • Zepequeña

    May 18, 2010 |



  • Julie (brown eyed belle)

    May 18, 2010 |

    That Ms. Maegan is brilliant! And so cute!

  • Yaryy

    May 18, 2010 |

    lovee this DIY!
    so cutee.

  • Carol

    May 18, 2010 |

    I love this idea! Adore this DIY!!
    Kisses.. .

  • Brianna!

    May 18, 2010 |

    Very clever idea!


    p.s.I love the ♥ tatoos on your wrist

  • Foxy

    May 18, 2010 |

    Oh WOW!! You have the best DIY’s. Wondering if something like this can be done to trousers that are too long? I mean, not just on the outer side but also on the inner side of the leg?? Wonder if they’ll have th same “harem” effect. Hmmm…

  • drollgirl

    May 19, 2010 |

    cut a tiny hole. for some reason that made me laugh out loud because i could TOTALLY hear your voice saying that in my head!

    and this is super cute and super easy. why do sweats get so short? weird pheeeeeenom.

    p.s. ofelia is coming in on thursday, not tomorrow. B AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FHADHAF DHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAH! you will be tortured along with me! WHEEEE!!!

  • drollgirl

    May 19, 2010 |

    i meant TINY SLIT

  • Anonymous

    May 19, 2010 |

    I have quite a few fleece and other fabric pants that just aren’t “right” (too baggy, too short, legs too wide, etc. etc.). I will try your DIY this week. Thanks for the tip. Hate to go out and actually buy harem pants, so this is a great idea for the summer………..thanks!

  • Maegan

    May 19, 2010 |

    Drollgirl: …I laughed at “small slit” too well as “push it through if necessary” …yes, 12 year old boy humor.

    …and PPPPPPPPPTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to the big O on Thursday …dammit. The boss must have not approved. laugh it up.

  • Wanderlusting

    May 19, 2010 |

    Too cute, Maegan 🙂

  • God's Favorite Shoes!

    May 19, 2010 |

    This is pretty random but why haven’t you called my name for the Pour La Victoire shoe giveaway???

    Is there a glitch in your computer or something? I wear a size 8 or 8.5? Why haven’t you asked me yet?

    I keep waiting for the next post to be titled “Reiko from God’s Favorite SHoes…YOU ARE A WINNER!!”

    What’s so hard about that Maegan?
    Just kidding…a little:)

    Happy Days!

  • Taylor Sterling

    May 19, 2010 |

    Very cute idea! I would have never thought of that!

  • Gwen

    May 19, 2010 |

    HOW CUTE!!! Ellie has several pairs of sweats she’s outgrown that she’s going to be able to wear to dance class again. Brilliant idea!!! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 XOXO

  • Avery Bleu

    May 20, 2010 |

    So cute, such a good idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Summer

    May 20, 2010 |

    okay this is adorable!!! love!

  • Lyndsy

    May 21, 2010 |

    So simple and yet so cute!

  • Anonymous

    July 3, 2010 |

    I did this on a pr. of my little girls jeans last wk. They are a dark wash w/ sparkles, a really thin denim. I sort of cuffed them, but not too exact.I used hot pink ribbon and it looked SO CUTE! I think Im going to change out the ribbon this weekend with some red and white for the 4th.
    Thanks so much for the idea!

  • Anna

    October 11, 2011 |

    That looked so easy to do, it’s not even real. Thanks for this tutorial. 🙂

  • kelly thompson

    March 30, 2013 |

    I should have thought of this before I cut them into daisy dukes that I only wear around the house

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