DIY eco diy my DIY refashion

Refashion Old Sweat Pants DIY…super cute for the kiddies too

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY
These are old Juicy cropped terry sweats


Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-1

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-2

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-3

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-4

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-5

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-6

Maegans-DIYs-voila …a flirty harem effect

Refashion Sweat Pants DIY-8
* NOTE: I did this to a pair of old Juicy velour sweats about 7 years ago & the hole has not gotten larger or frayed even through washings. But make sure to start out with a small slit & fold the ribbon to push it through if necessary.

Ridiculously easy …do it in 5 minutes …and Have Fun!



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