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A Night Out at The Derby to see the Band Sitcom Neighbor

It’s an unusually busy week for us!

Last night we headed to The Derby to check out my uncle’s band Sitcom Neighbor and they were awesome! It’s so great to see my uncle wailing on the drums. We’re a very musical family. My grandpa and two uncles are drummers and my late grandma and her sister were singers. {more on this later}

Of course, it’s always nice to hang out with the fam and since my best friend just happens to be my cousin – who is really more like a sister, family get-togethers are more fun. Kelly’s {actual} sister, Kristie and her man Walter are a hoot too. {yes, I just said hoot}

uncle kelly at the derby sitcom neighbor

maegan and kell at the derby 2008

me & kell & pep’s hand {asS usual} – nice gums maeg!

kris & walter

kell & pep {ahahahah}

sitcom neighbor drummer Kelly Shanahan at the derby

my uncle kelly “the drummer” – how cute is he?
Amy, Kell’s friend from UCSB was there too…that’s her purse but I don’t have a pic of her

sitcom neighbor - the derby 2008


sitcom neighbor at the derby 2008

the end

the shanahan's, love maegan
…okay, I lied. I just found this pic of our family on Kell’s blog and I had to steal it. The “rocker” top left is uncle Kelly. My mom is the blonde on the top right and then my dad is left of her holding my bro. Kell is in pink with bangs on the bottom right, then her sis, Kris, then me with the shiny grey, then our grandma Masumi and Corey, Danny and Cherie’s daughter(the couple in between my parents and uncle Kelly). note* cousin Kelley & (her dad) uncle Kelly have the same name 🙂

My brother looks about 1 or 2 so this must be like 1984 I’m guessing. I could also make a guess based on Kristie’s hair. She had some RADICAL do’s in the 80’s, no joke!

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