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So the Lakers Lost …I blame the refs, oh & Ray Allen

LA Forever T-shirt+Shorts+Denim Shirt+Miu Miu clog sandals+LV

LA Forever T-shirt+Shorts+Denim Shirt+Miu Miu clog sandals+LV -1by

louis vuitton bag+denim shirt+rabbits foot

LA Forever T-shirt+Shorts+Denim Shirt+Miu Miu clog sandals+LV -3

vintage matisse turquoise and copper necklace+accessories

LA Forever T-shirt+Shorts+Denim Shirt+Miu Miu clog sandals+LV -4

LA Forever T-shirt+Shorts+Denim Shirt+Miu Miu clog sandals+LV -5

What I’m Wearing
* Rich Soil LA Forever t-shirt …men’s small p.s. this is Lakers Lamar Odom’s clothing line – love that!
* London Jean Chino Shorts …I think I got these at Victoria’s Secret
* Thrifted denim shirt …last seen at Eat, Sleep, Denim
* Vintage Matisse turquoise necklace {seen here} I wore it backwards to show the copper side. Love. Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses, brushed gold hoops, brown leather belt, huge wooden bangle with copper studs {gift from drollgirl …thanks!}
* Miu Miu clog sandalslast seen here
* Louis Vuitton bag …which is really working with so many of my outfits lately.

My vacation time is quickly coming to an end. I go back into the gallery on Thursday.

The idea was less about vacation and more about getting a glimpse of what it would feel like to have this blog/all my other projects be my main focus …to be my own boss and be completely self employed. And while I do LOVE not worrying about what time I fall asleep {I’ve been sleeping way better} and getting to roll out of bed whenever I feel like it, I miss the small schedule that breaks up the monotony of being at home.

I’m typically a home body so if there’s no need to go anywhere, I won’t. LA’s a city but if you don’t live on {or a block away} from a main Blvd. you’re typically going to spend 15-20mins in the car and if there’s traffic, which there always is, it’s more like 30-40 minutes in the car. And it’s not like a nice breezy relaxing drive. It’s hell. Absolute hell. Which means, unless I really REALLY need to, I’d rather not subject myself to the stress that comes with it 😉

So, needless to say, I am looking forward to going back to work …but I’ll letcha know on Friday, after two days of it, how happy I am about it.

So yeah, the Lakers lost and we weren’t happy about it. But we grilled up some delish steaks and veggies on our new BBQ {thanks Timmy!} and enjoyed time with friends. Immediately after the game I ran to the bedroom to watch my DVR’d East Coast feed of the MTV Movie Awards ….and the husband joined, which was nice. He usually doesn’t enjoy award show nonsense but it was fun watching it together. I think we realized that while the quantity of celebrities at the MTV Movie awards far outweighed that of the Lakers game, the quality of the celebs that were court side at the game may have been greater. LOL to Hollywood.

* Hair: braided top and clipped for front “puff”. Pulled rest of hair into a tight pony. Rubber band tip if you have thick hair and want it to stay tight: Use two, wrapping at the same time but after two wraps, separate one and wrap a single band one last time. Hopefully that makes sense because it’s the only thing that keeps my pony up!

messy pony tail braid   messy pony tail braid -3   messy pony tail braid -2

LA Forever T-shirt+Shorts+Denim Shirt+Miu Miu clog sandals+LV -2

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