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The Best of Vegas 2008

So… we went to Vegas… again. This is our annual Vegas trip/photo documentary.

The Drive:

I know we’re getting close when I start seeing billboard signs for lame shit. This one was rotating LeRoy’s – and I got lucky and caught it before we drove by.

This may be one of my favorite photos ever. You almost don’t know it’s Vegas. *click it to enlarge it …cuz it’s rad!

A view from our hotel window.

Every year we take a trip to Vegas and stay in a different hotel. We’ve been so many times and Pep went to UNLV – fun college experience, right? – and my dad moved here when I was 15, so we pretty much know what it looks like. We usually opt for a pretty awesome suite because we know how much time we’ll spend in it – and we like to review the rooms (and the food – KOI was my fav this time- and some of the best sushi I’ve ever had -Al, I want those pics!). This year we chose the PH (Planet Hollywood) which used to be the Aladdin (which we stayed at one year as well – and the Desert Passage shops are my fav!). We got a panoramic suite with windows all the way around however, they hadn’t redone the hallways on our floor yet, so they still had genie lamps carpet which was kinda lame. Our suite was at the end of the hallway with black double doors that entered into a foyer with two other sets of doors; ours and one other suite’s.

Our room was fairly awesome.

It was mostly purples and golds. GO LAKERS!

…and below is the tub that I continued to walk through from the master bathroom …but mostly, this pic is to show how awesomely whorish I get to dress for my husband while in Vegas!

If you notice the photo on the wall behind me (in the master bath), it is a still from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

What at first I thought was lame, I came to really enjoy about our room. It was very “Hollywood” – like Planet Hollywood is I guess. There were display cases with costumes and other paraphernalia from films. The above is Sigourney Weaver’s space suit from Alien. The coffee table in the living room had the t-shirt (in it) from the little boy from “Kramer vs Kramer”. There was another life-size display case with a jacket Dustin Hoffman wore in …shit, what was it? And a dress that Faye Dunaway wore in “Little Big Man” …which Dustin Hoffman was also in -weird. But still, it was kinda neato, even being from LA and all.

Alison and Chad followed us up and stayed only two days -which was fun- even though she left her germs with us *wink*wink* but I won anyway!

Do you know how long it took me to get him to make a half-normal face? LIKE AN HOUR! But we had a blast. Until next year!

Maegan Tintari

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