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DIY: Turn Wood Shelves into a Chic Mini Bar

how to make a mini bar from bookshelves+liquor display+home bar

While we’re not big drinkers, we do happen to have quite a large collection of barware & drink paraphernalia. With no extra storage space in the kitchen, I used these shelves I was going to give to Goodwill to create a mini side bar in our dining room & display all our booze. Here’s how I did it!


wood shelves+36x29x12

black matte enamel spray paint

* Because I didn’t want a solid black look, I sprayed only one coat over the entire unit.

In doing so, the original wood grain shows through a bit.

spray painting wood shelves


spray painting wood shelves black

wood shelves+36x29x12+diy bar spray painted wood shelves+diy bar

adding details

silver tacks+bar DIY+easy home decorating

* Using Nickel Plated Steel Thumb Tacks,diy bar shelves{yes, the ones you use for your bulletin board!} I created a studded edge, spacing the tacks 3/4″ apart. I lightly used a hammer to tap each one in. You can also use actual upholstery tacksfor this project, which stick out a bit higher instead of flat like these.

DIY furniture+shelves to chic bar+booze display

after …after

bookshelves into a chic bar+booze display+liquor+mini bar

before and after bar shelves

diy studded mini bar+home mini bar+booze display+diy bookshelves to bar

booze display+home bar+mini bar+wine glasses+jose cuervo+ralph lauren champagne glasses+shelves into a home bar DIY

DIY studded home mini bar+booze display+liquor+wine glasses+champagne glasses+shot glasses

tiffanys crystal decanter+vintage crystal pitcher+hydrangeas+jack daniels+mini home bar+diy bar

Top Shelf: Tiffany decanter/glass {wedding gift 2006}, vintage crystal pitcher, vintage mirrored mat {1976} | Middle Shelf: vintage 70’s crystal ice container holding drink mixing tools | Bottom Shelf: Ralph Lauren crystal/gold trimmed champagne flutes {2006 – wedding} | solid wood shelves originally from Pottery Barn – years ago | Window panels/curtains & curtain rods are from Bed Bath & Beyond


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