* Upside Down, Boy you Turn Me, Inside Out *

Vintage Anthony Richards   dress with brown accessories

What I’m Wearing …kind of boring really. But classic and easy.
* Vintage Anthony Richards navy shirt dress with bright red and white leaves …or birds. I can’t actually tell. But I scored this dress {which admittedly is a little big, but I don’t care} at a neighbor’s garage sale about a month ago …yeah, she’s over 60 so I’m pretty positive she’s had this polyester gem since the 70’s.
* White Victoria’s Secret open cardigan …I safety pinned the front/bottom behind me so it would stay put all day because it was a bit heavy on the sides. Worked like a charm.
* Asos leather boyfriend belt swirled and tucked
* Vintage gold sea horse necklace from the 50’s …also seen here & gold D&G watch
* Miu Miu platforms
* Gucci cat eye stripe sunglassesoriginal post here
* …my go-to. Always great to have an easy classic that’s always stylish …with a vintage rabbit’s foot charm 😉

* Title: lyrics from Diana Ross “Upside Down” …one of the best songs ever. Please check out her dress & dance moves. She churns that butter better than any. …1981. Brilliance. Michael Jackson makes an appearance onstage with her too.

This is the first weekend in so many that actually felt like a weekend. It was long …and consisted of a nice combo of productivity, fun, and relaxation.

Ya know those projects you put off and off and you look at them almost daily and think when am I ever going to get around to doing that? And then the day comes that you just randomly do it. I spent a few hours on Sunday walking around the house with a little container of paint and a small paintbrush, touching up all the baseboards and doorways and anywhere I saw a bit of chipped paint. Yes, I am a perfectionist. However, why on earth can’t a landlord paint a rental property with a primer before painting the walls white? Especially when painting over a gloss on doorways and cupboards? A strong gust of wind could come through and whisk the paint off! There have been certain areas that have been driving me insane since, let’s just say, last Halloween when a certain fake vinyl bloody handprint peeled a nice chunk of paint off the coat closet …the first thing you see when you walk in our door. Yes, I’m a maniac, but I’m so happy I actually finally fixed it. I also relocated 2 trees in our front yard that haven’t been doing so well. Fingers crossed that they like their new homes and leaf-up!

Vintage Anthony Richards 70s  dress with brown accessories

*Vintage Anthony Richards 70s  print dress with brown leather belt and louis vuitton bag

miu miu shoes + vintage dress + louis vuitton speedy bag

waved hair +gucci cat eye sunglasses

* Vintage Anthony Richards 70 shirtdress with brown accessories

Vintage Anthony Richards 70s print dress with brown leather belt  gucci cat eye sunglasses and louis vuitton bag

Happy Monday!



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