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We Had To Get Out Before The Magic Got Away

red body con dress+big blonde waves

What I’m Wearing…

* Deep red body con dress by Free People {I wore it in black here with adidas & a white leather jacket last November…and WTF! November!?! that really doesn’t seem like that long ago, but wow – and it’s so crazy to see myself with bangs}
* Black VS bra
* Plaid flannel shirt {I had around my waist at one point}
* Vintage sunglasses
* Black Lindsay sandals by Jeffrey Campbell
* Anklet by Odisya
* Balenciaga classic town bag from What Goes Around Comes Around

* Lips by Lancome… really, my favorite red

* Title: Lionel Richie – ‘Running With The Night’we were too hot to think of sleeping… we were running with the night… playing in the shadows… just you and i… til the morning’ light… the fire was in us, we were burning… we were gonna go all the way & we never had a doubt.

This may be one of my favorite songs ever, lol… I’ve totally used it as a title before… and please watch the hilarious video for a laugh.

I wore this out last Saturday night, sans the red lips and sunglasses, because well, it was nighttime… and it was probably a little much, but I was feelin’ sassy, so I couldn’t resist.

* * *

It’s so crazy… I’ve gotten SUCH mixed reactions to sharing about my marriage and separation… from various semi-negative comments before I shared anything about it, telling me that I HAVE to share what’s going on because “my readers deserve to know the truth”, to very VERY positive feedback from women going through similar situations who felt better knowing they weren’t alone, to negative comments about being too personal and sharing too much, and back to very VERY supportive comments on a personal level to sharing my personal story.

First, let me say, that in regards to sharing too much, I am ONLY sharing any of this at all because I’ve talked about my marriage from the beginning of my blogging career, including our infertility struggles, and I think it makes sense to share it now. Also, it’s a way for me to process my feelings through it and about it, and my husband has never asked me not to share. I am desperately trying to share ONLY my feelings, keeping my husband in mind, of course, because I’m not in the business of bashing him, hurting his feelings, or sharing really anything too personal at all on either side.

Obviously, the amount I’ve shared already, while very personal, is only one very very small aspect of a 13 year relationship and marriage. In no way would I ever share any private details about him or about us. Saying that, I’m obviously soaring on an emotional roller coaster, where one day I feel completely at ease and positive and the next, I’m angry and sad and confused. Anyone who has been through a marriage and/or separation, can understand this.

All that said, I probably won’t be sharing too much more about it. As much as writing is my go-to therapy, I can’t possibly see how it could benefit the situation to continue sharing it here, and unless I feel that my story can help someone, I will keep it to myself.

I should also state that I will not be sharing {here or anywhere socially} anything about future relationships or people in my life on that level. It’s private and obviously, no one’s business. As mentioned above, I shared this with you now because you’ve been around since almost the beginning of my marriage and it just made sense on a few different levels to do so… but future personal relationships will be completely, 100% private, and not shared on any of my social media channels, or my blog.

I love you guys and I thank you for all your kind words, advice, opinions -even the negative ones, and all the support while I go through this ridiculously difficult transition. I can only hope we all grow and learn from it and become better human beings when all is said and done. Much love

deep red body con dress_black bra and sandals

deep red body con dress_black bra_blonde hair

little red dress_in motion

little red dress_big blonde hair

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Happy Thursday Lovecats!

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