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12 Places to Hang Stockings When You Don’t Have a Mantel

hanging stockings when you don't have a mantel

above image via Canadian Log Homes
I LOVE my fireplace and hearth, but it doesn’t have a mantel, which honestly makes holiday decorating a little difficult. The mantel is where so much goodness exists for seasonal decor, don’t you think?

When we first moved in, {four years ago this month!} I wanted to install a mantel but with the size of our TV, it just wasn’t going to work. I love the original vintage hood with painted flowers, or I’d remove it and add one there, but I just can’t get rid of it… so when Christmas comes, I have to find alternative places to hang our stockings.

This year isn’t really so much of a problem, because when you’re alone, there’s no one there to fill your stocking… unless a Christmas miracle happens. And since I don’t have children, the need for stockings is almost silly. However, Christmas decorating just doesn’t seem complete without a few stockings, so I HAD to hang Trevor and Randy’s. And this year I decided to hang them on the little branch wall hooks that normally are just for wall art decor because I like their sculptural look. But honestly, the wall looks much nicer with a little more hanging from it.

I’ve also hung the dogs’ personalized stockings on the agate pulls on the hallway cupboards at the top of the stairs. This works especially well when I decorate the hallway for Christmas.

Last Christmas I just hung all of our stockings from our dining room chairs as part of my tablescape, which was actually pretty cute AND functional… but not everyone has chairs with protruding tops from which to hang stockings from.

NOTE: I’ve been on a sort-of mission to find new chairs for my dining room table since we moved here… no luck yet.

Two years ago I turned my foyer-ish-console-shelving situation into a mantel of sorts and hung my stockings from it, which was super cute, but with only two to hang this year, it seemed like a bit too much.

hanging stockings when you don't have a mantel
But I thought that maybe many of you don’t have mantels either, so I rounded up a few more super cute ideas to get crafty with… links to original sources are below each photo.

Christmas stockings hanging from a branch -when you don't have a mantel
How adorably-rustic are these stockings hanging from a tree branch? And such an easy way to not only decorate, but to hang or display stockings with zero cost. From A New York Minimalist Christmas via Woods and Weaves

hanging stockings from a coat hook
Hang your stockings from your coat hooks! This is adorable, yet where will you hang all your coats? Still cute though, from eBay… where the stockings are for sale.

stockings hanging from a window frame
Hang your stockings from your window! This obviously works best if you have a wooden window frame, with windows that open UP rather than sideways, of which I have neither, but it’s a cute idea nonetheless from Curtis Creation where the stockings are also for sale.

rustic vintage stockings hanging
Hang your stockings from the top of an armoire or tall cabinets. This is actually a super cute idea IF you have a high armoire from My Rustic Farmhouse

christmas stockings hanging from the bed
Take Christmas to the bedrooms and hang your stockings from all the beds… if you have beds with any kind of headboard or footboard, because this is adorable from Love Grows Wild. Hang them all on one bed or each individual stocking on his or her bed. How cute!

knit christmas stocking hanging from the banister
Hang your stockings from your staircase banister… a little obvious, but always a cute option… IF you have stairs, of course. From Lauren Aston Designs … stocking available for sale too!

diy stocking post - when you don't have a mantel
This stocking post idea is pretty cute if you have the space in your home… it’s cute next to the tree but it could go anywhere really.. and it’s a Do it yourself! Find this cute DIY Stocking Post from Shades of Blue Interiors

This may only be for the brave… but how cute are these stockings hanging from a fence? I love it, though probably not entirely functional, it’s still super cute! Stockings available at Pottery Barn

I mean HOW CUTE!??!

So don’t fret if you don’t have a mantel… there are too many other cute options to get creative with your stockings!

Happy Holidays Lovecats, Merry Christmas!

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