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You gotta roll with the punches to get to what’s real

vintage coral dress with  neutral accessories+ hair+blonde hair+long hair

What I’m Wearing just a simple, Summery, easy work outfit.
* Vintage coral linen shift dress {with pockets, man I love a dress with pockets!}
* Vintage wood beaded necklace was my grandma’s with mixed bangles, as usual lately.
* Pour la Victoire raw leather strappy/buckle heels
* Tom Ford cat eyes
* Louis Vuitton azur Noe bucket bag …will be retiring soon.

* Title: lyrics by Van Halen “Jump” because OMG THIS VIDEO IS 100% PURE AWESOME.

This originated as a Twitter thought… but became too long a thought to fit into 140 characters

The original greatness behind personal blogs was that they were true, real, written by real people across the globe & even if they only showcased the good angle of someone’s life, at least they were authentic. Many blogs are still as such but some, more and more, seem to just be well, like a “reality show” …staged reality, not actually real.

So I ask, what’s the point? Soon, every celebrity will have a blog written by their assistant or someone they’ve hired specifically to blog for them and where’s the fun in that? The blog was for the little people, the non-celebrity and the fun was getting a glimpse inside the life of another person and possibly even relating and creating a bond. I realize blogs have become all about business {and believe me, I started this blog in hopes that it would some day pay my bills, and it has} but it’s still me. And suddenly I feel like “Jenny from the Block” or Fergie singing about how “real” they still are regardless of their glamourous lives and success, lol. Sure I talk less about my political and religious beliefs because I don’t want to get slammed by closed-minded anonymous commenters who think they can only “like me” or even read my blog if we believe the same. exact. things. And I’ll probably get slammed for just saying this. But all in all, I still value truth and honesty in my own “web space” as I do in others’.

So what am I getting at? I dunno really. I guess I’d just like to see the honesty and reality return to the blogosphere rather than a glorified version of some sort of idyllic twist on what is. But maybe I’m no better than the rest. Maybe from the other side of the universe I appear to be something I am not… or “trying to act like a movie star” as one commenter so eloquently offered.

But I will say this, besides a bit of photoshopping to my 35 year old skin, what you see here is 100% me & I tell it to you straight …but with a little {well A LOT} more swearing in reality, if I’m being totally honest 😉

hair +long blonde beachy wavy hair+ bangles +accessories

vintage  linen dress and neutral accessories+long wavy hair

Vintage coral linen dress with wood beaded necklace and bangles

vintage linen coral dress with neutral accessories

raw leather strappy sandals heels+pour la victoire raw leather sandals and louis vuitton azur noe bucket bag

hair+outfit+fashion+ accessoriesHappy Friday Lovecats

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