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2 Cute Retro DIY Denim Ideas by Swarovski

Cute 80s Denim DIYs with Swarovski

Okay, these cute Swarvoski Denim DIY Projects are SCREAMING ’80s Summer to me, and I’m loving it. They remind me specifically of 1987-1988, when I think I was in the 7th or 8th grade, and wearing denim jackets with matching hair bows… matching earrings, belt, matching EVERYTHING. Not that I haven’t worn a denim jacket since, because I have and it’s a classic piece you should keep in your closet always because it always comes back in style, but this splatter paint action is taking me back!

So even though they’re not MY DIYs, I had to share these cute Denim DIYs from Swarovski, because FUNNNNN!

Denim Jacket DIY Splatter paint and stones

Denim’s been having a fashion moment ever since James Dean’s bad-boy character wore it like a cool cowboy in Rebel Without A Cause (1955-56). A bit later, Marilyn Monroe’s character in The Misfits adopted the lifestyle of a cowgirl, putting this functional-yet-fabulous fabric on the radar for fashion-conscious women. By the ’80s, a look that had started off as a subversive counter-culture statement was suddenly elevated to unimaginable heights of glamour by the luxury designer brands. The net result today is that we can’t get enough of it.

This summer, it’s hotter than ever. But don’t wear denim straight off the rack—give it some attitude: Customize your outfits and accessories to create your own signature look: design a paint-splatter effect, sprinkle them with crystals, or try a combination of both. Then nail the trend, literally, with true-blue nail art to match!

DIY Denim Jacket

Paint-splattered denim: Release your inner Jackson Pollock! Do use fabric paint, which is designed to dry on the surface, rather than soak in. Remember, different tools give different effects, so test a few until you get the look you want: flick paint with your fingers (wearing disposable rubber gloves), a paint brush, even a Popsicle stick, then stand back and look at the results.

Check out Swarovski’s Denim Reloaded board on Pinterest for more denim ideas!

DIY Denim Jacket // Supplies + Steps..

What you’ll Need…
* Denim Jacket, blue
* Fabric paint, white
* Flat Back No Hotfix Crystals 2798
* Iron
* Paint brush
* Transfer film
* Tweezers

STEP 1: Using a paint brush, scatter the fabric paint onto the jacket as shown in our illustrations with this step and let dry.

After drying, follow the guidelines of fabric paint for iron fixation.

DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket

STEP 2: Using tweezers, place all Swarovski Flat backs Hotfix art. 2798 of material list onto the jacket.

DIY 80s Splatter paint jean jacket

STEP 3: Place a transfer film on top of the Swarovski Crystals and iron them onto the jacket. Pull the transfer film back slowly, making sure all the Swarovski Crystals are in place. (If some do not stick to the jacket, re-iron until they do)

DIY 80s Splatter paint jean jacket

Swarovski Crystal Hair Bow…

From bangs to buns, feathers, and layered waves, there’s definitely a retro hair revival going on! Balance summer spaghetti straps with a half-updo hair style, held in place with a pretty crystal-embellished “Denim Fever” bow DIY by Swarovski.

DIY retro denim hair bow with Swarovski crystals

DIY Hair Bow // Supplies + Steps..

What you’ll Need…
* Denim hair bow, 18 cm, blue {or you can easily make your own fabric hair bow}
* Nylon thread, 2 m, Ø 0.15 mm, transparent
* Iron
* Scissors
* Sewing needle
* Transfer film
* Transfer sheet
* Tweezers

Swarovski Crystals…
* Flat Back No Hotfix Crystals 2205
* Fancy Stones 4485
* Crystal Pearls 5810

DIY Denim Crystals hair bow

STEP 1: Print out the pattern or create your own bow pattern. Place a transfer sheet on top of the pattern and place the Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix art. 2205 in 10 and 14 mm onto the transfer sheet. Iron the transfer onto the denim hair bow.

STEP 2: Insert Swarovski Fancy stones art. 4485 6 mm Crystal Silver Night into Swarovski Settings art. 4485/S Rhodium, closing the prongs with tweezers. Repeat this step five more times.

DIY Denim Crystals hair bow

STEP 3: Sew the Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Fancy Stones onto the bow as shown in our illustrations with this step.

DIY Denim Hair Bow with Swarovski Crystals

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Swarvoski Denim DIY Projects

Have Fun!

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