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3 Beauty Products I’m LOVING Right now…

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1. For the longest time I really could not grasp dry shampoo or specifically, how it worked. I tried a few brands in the beginning that didn’t work and called it a day. I think I may have Tweeted at one point for advice on your favorites and picked up Oscar Blandi volumizing dry shampoo to try out. I liked it better than the rest but it still took me a while to figure out the best use for it. Products usually make my hair appear greasy even when it’s clean, so I rarely use them, and at first, I thought this just added to my dirty hair rather than masking it. So I decided to try it at night, on day one of dirty hair {meaning I had washed it the day before}… I flipped my head upside down, sprayed it at my roots and then flung my hair around for a minute without touching it. Then I clipped it up into a loose bun. I took the bun out right before bed and slept on it and low and behold, in the morning I had almost fresh hair. Typically day three is hair washing day for me, but the dry shampoo overnight allowed me to go an extra day.

Here’s what I thought was BEST about the product. When I finally did wash my hair in the shower at the end of the day, I had more voluminous hair {specifically at the roots} following my regular shampoo/condition, which I thought was brilliant! So I use it on the regular, mainly to boost my normal routine. {You can buy it here}

2. Last year, when I reviewed the Blondeshell Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner, along with it came a few other products that I didn’t try. I’m not very good at trying things I don’t think I “need”, even if it’s just for my blog. Recently though, when I was unpacking my “bathroom” boxes, I realized one of the products was a dry shampoo specifically for blondes and being that my roots were starting to show and I hadn’t found a new stylist, I tried it. And guess what? I LOVE IT! This powdery dry shampoo works better overall for making my blonde hair appear clean in the moment, directly after use, and definitely lightens my roots {which the spray does not do} and is magical for in-between-salon-visits. It has a bit of a gold shimmer so it’s better on a mixed blonde highlights {like mine} rather than platinum blondes. It leaves a little shimmer on your face, so use it before you apply your makeup unless you like the shimmer. Yes, I’ve also tried using regular white body powder, which doesn’t do the trick like this does. Using this prior to normal hair washing also tends to give my newly washed hair a bit of a lift as well, though the spray is better for that. {You can buy it here and they also have one for brunettes too}

3. I am LOVING this Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer by Juara. It was sent to me to review months ago actually, along with a serum which I haven’t tried yet. And honestly, I didn’t think I was ever going to try either. Not because I wasn’t interested, because I was, but because I rarely used facial moisturizer back in LA. I used it as a teen and in my early twenties but as I grew into my 30’s, if I slept in any moisturizer or creams, my skin would break out. So I stopped using it all, and was generally okay. Since moving up to the mountains though, the altitude, along with the snowy and dry weather, has left my skin parched! Desperate for something, I decided to try this Juara moisturizer because it was all-natural and honestly, it had the nicest scent that wasn’t perfume-y but rather a spicy, fruity, foody smell. Really, I can’t put my finger on scent, it’s probably sweet black tea, but it’s soothing and calming and nice before bed. And guess what I LOVE IT! Not only does it moisturize my skin {and hands} it DOES NOT BREAK ME OUT!!! I’ve been using Proactiv as a loofa/cleanser since I hit my 30’s, along with the toner to keep breakouts at bay, but I’ve stopped using the toner and instead use this moisturizer before bed. I haven’t tried it under makeup yet because I’m happy with my makeup routine but it has been a skin-saver otherwise. {You can buy it here}

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