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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

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Obviously I’m in love with my husband and our dogs and could never spend a day without them. Same goes for my computer, iphone, car and the internet, of course… well, not the same but all things I am equally addicted to! Those are obvious essentials I can’t go a day without but listed here are the little things I love and/or use every single day without a second thought and would be totally bummed out if I didn’t have.

things I can't live without

1. Blistex lip medex… If I don’t have something on my lips, I LICK them and LICK them until they’re cherry popsicle red. I’ve been using this since I was in my teens, it’s the best.

2. SmartWater ice. cold. yum. I drink it daily.

3. Big fluffy bath robe when it’s cold… I’m currently using my husband’s but I also keep a short-sleeved, knee-length robe for when I’m getting ready and I’m racing around not cold which you can see me wearing here

4. Uni-ball purple pens I can’t tell you why but I’ve always loved writing with purple pens… I guess it’s just in between black and blue? Or the equivelent of? I love them… and I usually jot down notes on my home-made …love Maegan note cards I keep at my desk.

5. Music. I need it daily… it just gets me out of my head and in the moment. I blast it while I’m in the shower! When I’m working on my computer, I usually have iTunes radio on… 80’s Flashback/Boston’s 80’s Channel is my favorite {though sometimes they have too many commercials} Photo: illustration by Charla

6. Petit Ecolier cookies in dark chocolate and they have to be chilled out of the frigde! I usually have two after dinner… or sometimes 3 😉 I posted about them here in a few of my favorite foods.

7. Vanille Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eau-de-toilette Spray. I’m a vanilla scent connoisseur and this is by far my favorite. Though I do mix it with Pink Sugar. Go to my Perfume post from 2009 to see all my favorite scents & how I used to create my own 😉

8. Lip Fusion lip gloss I wear either Bare or Sweet daily and what you usually see in my outfit posts. Not that I think they actually plump my lips but I like the way Lip Fusion tastes, smells and most of all, feels on my lips. I have a thing for tingly lips I suppose!

9. Jaw hair clips in all sizes. My hair is so thick that any rubber bands just pull out and break my hair off. I wear my hair up in a high bun to get it out of my face while I’m home working… in fact, I’m sitting at my desk as I type this with my hair up in a bun secured by about 3 small hair clips.

10. Pro Foam Roller… if you have back pain but aren’t too sensitive {if you like a relatively deep massage} then I recommend this pro roller over anything else. My trainer Lisa Moloshok told me about them when she first started training me about 6 months ago and a day has not gone by that I haven’t used one. I even travel with a smaller one. They work ALL of your muscles, all over your body but I love it most for my back. I use it every night before bed.

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