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4 Stroke Jeans – I heart the 80’s

For the past couple of years there has been a rather large shift in fashion, a generation gap, if you will, which is reminiscent of generations past. When I see people on the streets, I can usually guess their age by what they are wearing and that interests me. I almost feel like my grandma at times with thinking like “stand up straight” or “brush your hair” but I know, it’s the “look” and that is that.

My parents dressed NOTHING like their parents {although, my mom has said that when she was a little girl, she wanted nothing more than to grow up and wear the pretty dresses inspired by Dior’s “New Look” that her mother and her mother’s friends were wearing, but it was the 70’s by then and times had undoubtedly changed}.

I {gen Xers} grew up in such a time that everyone {16-60 year olds} pretty much wore the same thing {even if it was Britney Spears inspired}. My mom and I dressed pretty much the same {we shared clothes} for probably two decades, if not more {of course my younger version was a bit more exaggerated}. However, if I were to wear the looks of the early twenty something’s now, I would look ridiculous. And our husbands …in those tight skinny jeans? NEVER! Besides, how long did it take men to stop wearing tapered jeans the last time around? Now, to go right back? Nonsense.

As a 32 year old woman, I can wear a version of the cute trends that come around and make it look right {classy and tasteful}. For instance, the jeans above; I could wear them in black or blue or white or gray {and I do} but these bright neons must be saved for not one, but possibly two generations below me. {that said, if I were a hair stylist, rock or pop star or in a business as such, these rules would be out the window}

Today, my mom has an updated “soccer mom” look with no young kids who actually play soccer. She pretty much wears men’s Levi’s and a t-shirt all the time. And it makes sense, it’s comfortable and it looks cute on her. And now, as the ripped-up, baggy, cuffed, “boyfriend” jean is making a comeback, {too soon for me, hello 90’s!} she’s back in style and doesn’t even know it.

When getting ready for work, I often opt for comfort over fashion {something I would NEVER have even THOUGHT of in my twenties}, but hope that I merge the two most of the time. As I get older, I care more about my feet hurting or my jeans squeezing my belly fat over every time I sit down {and maybe when I was younger, I just had less belly fat?}. Or, maybe I’m just lazier and if I were going to a place where it really mattered, I would make more of an effort.

I have always admired women who dressed classic and beautifully {think more Jackie O} and thought {as my mom did} that’s how I want to look when I grow up …and to an extent, I do. But only when I make the effort and on most days, I must admit, I’m just too lazy.

get the neon jeans pictured above: here
side note: I do actually really enjoy many of the 80’s looks because I was just a kid in the 80’s and didn’t get to really indulge in many of them. That said, I’m definitely hating on the 90’s

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