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DIY Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest

Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - inspiration + Michael Kors navy blue fur vest + victoria's secret knit asymmetrical vest

Victoria’s Secret asymmetrical knit vest & Michael Kors navy fur vest


Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - materials

* About one yard {36″ x 65″} of Faux Fur or any other material will do for this {if you knit, you could knit it up easily!}
* Measuring tape or ruler
* Pen/Something to mark with
* Scissors


Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 1

* Using my sweater as a pattern {29-1/2″ x 56″ remember knit has stretch} – but keeping the width of the faux fur, I measured from the end/side to the arm hole {22″} …from the top of the fur to the top of the armhole {7-1/2″} …from armhole to armhole {13-1/2″} …and marked each measurement on the inside/backside of the faux fur/fabric

Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 3  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 4  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 5-top  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 9

* I then measured the circumference of the armhole {15″} …and with measurement marks, I sketched a circle …and cut it out. Using my original measurements and the circle I just cut out, I drew the other armhole on and cut it out as well.

Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 6  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 7  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 8  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 10  Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - 11

* If you’re not a perfectionist like me, you can really just eyeball these armholes, fold the fabric and cut as I did in my last faux fur vest DIY. But to assure your asymmetrical style, keep the width longer than the length.


Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - belted - front

Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - belted - side

Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - belted - top

Asymmetrical Faux Fur Vest DIY - with denim shirt and belt

As a lover of the asymmetrical sweater {I have 3}, I finally held it up and looked at the construction. Realizing it’s just a long rectangle with arms, I thought it’d be a perfectly easy DIY {sans arms} to do with any fabric {silk, felt, crepe, really anything that has a nice drape to it}. I’m using this faux fur, only because I had it, but since there’s no sewing involved, I may also make a shorter version out of the extra black leather I have left over from the leather wrap belts I made. I love the idea of the vest because you can pair it with a pretty printed blouse underneath and show off the sleeves. If you have your own favorite asymmetrical sweater and like the way it fits, I’d use that as a pattern when cutting yours out. {click here to see LeRoy helping …as usual ;}

Have Fun!

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