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Catching Up // Weekly Instagram Photo Recap / 8/11-8/17

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I’ve been moving a little slowly when it comes to work lately, giving myself this August and end of summer to take it easy, and try to enjoy real life in the moments instead of worrying about work. It has not been easy. I feel a bit lazy. I feel a bit behind {as in, this post was supposed to go up yesterday instead of today}. But I keep telling myself that these feelings are the opposite of what I should be prioritizing in life right now.

Having spent so much time working towards a goal and rarely taking a vacation, there comes a point when you have to just give yourself a break. There is something to be said for being an employee rather than the boss {not that I have employees, mind you ;)} but when you go to work and you clock in and out, you can generally come home and leave it all behind, and hopefully fill your free time with fun and enjoy the moments. There is none of that when you work for yourself, though there are plenty of pros, finding balance from the go-go-go/work-work-work to allowing yourself to be removed for a moment, is probably the hardest part. For me anyway. So this month, I’m forcing myself to ride the wave, loosen my schedule, my mind, my priorities, and just relax into life. Right now, in the moment.

happy hour drinks

Happy hour EVERY HOUR! 3 yummy margaritas from our favorite little eatery up here, Texifornia. That’s basil, jalepeno, and cherry margaritas and they are DELISH!

family fun weekend selfie

Family fun selfie weekend! This is my cousin Kristie, Walter, and their daughter Ellie, who came up for a weekend vacay and we had such a great and relaxing time.

sleepy frenchies

Just the quiet sleepy puppy heads cuddling on the couch. And though it looks quiet, in reality, their snoring is not so much.

palm trees in LA

#TBT The tall trees I used to live among were palms instead of pines. Sometimes I miss the palms, and the symmetry in which they lined our streets. But the pines up here, though thirsty, seem more alive in a way.

sugar high

Last week was rough… mostly due to the neck/back pinched nerve that was keeping me from sitting/sleeping comfortably ANYWHERE, and OF COURSE forcing me to worry that something MUCH WORSE was wrong with me, I started shoving sugar in my face to get those quick feel better highs, which never last of course. But a week later, I’m feeling better. Yay.

funny frenchie

My mom being silly with Randy… such a silly puppy head.

rainbow dotted nails

Last week’s Rainbow Dotted Nails

smush face pups-french bulldogs

These smush faces were sad about Robin Williams… sometimes life is hard.

outerwear as underwear

Last week’s outfit post / Denim #TargetStyle

sleepy puppy heads

Lazy Sundays are the best Sundays.

Hope you had a happy weekend Lovecats!


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