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Pre-Fall Manicure // DIY Feathered Nail Art Tutorial

feather nails diy

This is usually about the time of Summer when I’m over the heat and done with bright and festive colors and start fantasizing about my Fall wardrobe –as if it’s going to be so dreamy and different this year than any other– and also dark nails. I thought the best way to ease into dark nails that still felt appropriate for summer was to add white to brighten the manicure with a little nail art. My original intention was more leafy, but when I started the design, they instantly looked like feathers. Creative mistakes so often turn into pretty solutions, so I’m happy with the feathery designs that resulted.

Here’s How I did it…

feathered nails tutorial

I used “My Personal Serpent” and “A-ha! Moment” both by OPI by Sephora to create this look + a fine/short-bristled nail art brush to create the design. Any two contrasting shades {or any dark/deep hued polish with white} will work for this.

1. Give yourself a one-coat manicure in your dark shade.
2. Pour out a small amount of white polish onto a paper plate or plastic dish and grab a paper towel to dab bristles {I used the back of a paper plate}.
3. Paint a new coat of your dark shade to one nail at a time. WHILE IT’S STILL WET, dip your nail art brush into the white, dab off the excess and beginning at the cuticle, swish your brush out to create {what on paper looks like a painting of a pine tree -see photo-} all the way down the center of your nail to your tip and let dry.
NOTE: If you’d like more contrast or add too much white, go back in with your darker color and fine brush to add contrast details. The swirl from the dark shade in the light creates nice soft feather look. You can also do a larger swirl over your entire nail that will give your nails a cool marbled look.
4. Apply your quick dry top coat {min’s Seche Vite} and call it a day

And… Voila!

feathered nail art tutorial

Have Fun!

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