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Color + Mood // Gold Rush

peachy mauve pink rose lips

golden briefs

twinkle eye

glitter finger

glitter foot

14K tongue

Just loving the color combos here along with the mood they’re sort of creating. I pinned them all separately a few nights ago and loved how they looked sitting next to each other on my board… I love color association posts because they promote creativity and open spaces for new ideas to filter in. As much as I love the gold and fleshy tones here and the way they mix and blur and blend together, I find myself getting lost in the textures as well. From shiny hard gold to soft speckled glitter and back to the sort of gilded gold leaf on the tongue… juxtaposed with the skin tones – as well as the specific body parts – it’s just really great eye candy, I suppose.

I wasn’t going to really say anything about this, just post photos, which I may start doing more regularly, but the part of me that needs to explain my actions, whether understood or not, got the best of me, so there it is 🙂 xox

Happy Saturday Lovecats!

Photos all found via Pinterest without real sources… if you know the origins of any, do let me know so I can credit properly.

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