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Styling 4 Incredible Bikinis for #NOFOMO with Target Style Swim

Sporty strappy black bikini top & butt

* This post is brought to you by Target. All opinions are my own.

The Realness…

This year I will turn 40. In fact, in less than 4 months, and just as summer begins, I will be celebrating my 40th year on this planet… And let me tell you, it’s kind of freaking me out.

As often as I’ve heard “40 is the new 30” or “40 is not old” and as often as I’ve made those claims myself, being THIS CLOSE to it definitely feels, well, old. However, it IS just a number… and honestly, I don’t actually “feel” old – but there are little hints and clues and lines and spots that remind me every day that I am no longer “young” and it is strange, let me tell you.

But it honestly didn’t really hit me until I was about 38-1/2 and then suddenly I felt this surge of energy to live my best life, do all the things I’d been too afraid to do in the past, and get SERIOUS about living a healthy lifestyle and getting my body in the best shape it could possibly be so I could head into my ’40s as strong as possible.

As lucky as I have been my whole life to have a strong body, I wasn’t always so happy with my athletic shape. I’m curvy AND muscular, and when I was young I really wanted to be “skinny”. I learned in my early twenties, though, that it just wasn’t my body type and that working with my body instead of against it would be most beneficial. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to really appreciate my natural muscles, but somewhere in between, I took them for granted, expecting them to always be there. And then after years of sitting for work, as well as aging, I found my body and skin loose. And while a degree of looseness comes with age, I knew there was something I could do about the rest of it.

I began hiking for about an hour 5-7 days a week instead of the 3 or the “whenever I felt like it” routine I had fallen into and committed to a nightly workout of stretching, yoga, pilates, and targeted strength training, specifically abs and butt, which includes my foam roller workout after. I’ve also cut back my sugar intake and watch my portions a little more carefully which keeps the extra lbs off as well. I’ve turned these three things into habits, which equal a lifestyle change rather than the on-again-off-again cycle I had been in for years prior, which left me always feeling a little boated and, on some level, self-conscious at the prospect of wearing shorts and bathing suits in the summer.

It’s been just over a year since I began my GO 40 OR GO HOME plan and it has finally paid off. It definitely takes a while to see results, and I had a few months last year where I faltered a bit, but once I committed fully, I really was so happy about my results, that I stuck with it for good. Sure, I still have plenty of things that I’d like to be better at, but they just inspire me to work harder – within reason, of course.

I’ve leaned to accept the things that come with aging that I cannot change because there are so many things I CAN change, and that’s empowering… which is why I agreed wholeheartedly to be a part of Target’s epic swim campaign – #NOFOMO – and embrace my age and the coming summer season without reservations, just confidence.

Pretty in Pink…

Pink flutter cut out top bikini in the snow_Target Style Swim

I love this ultra-feminine and flirty bikini in a soft peachy pink. Normally I stay away from light colors like this because of my skin tone, but this one was so cute I couldn’t pass it up. I’m so glad I didn’t because it’s super flattering and really comfy too. The top is kind of great for all chest sizes because it adds to a small bust but is supportive enough for a large chest as well.

I’m wearing a medium top and small bottoms here.

Pink bikini in the snow _gray and white striped towel

Pink bikini in the snow_butt -bikini bottoms

I love love LOVE the back of this top as much as the front!

Pink flutter top bikini_striped towel_in the snow

Finding My Suits…

I have to admit that I was a teensy bit skeptical about finding a swimsuit at Target that was not only going to be comfortable, but that would fit my aesthetic as well. I immediately went to Target.com to check out their swim selection and found a handful of cute bikinis just scrolling the section. Since I’m between sizes, though, I really thought it was important to try the suits on. So I headed down the mountain to my nearest Target, which is about an hour away.

I was actually surprised to see a swim section so early in the year, but there it was, a nice little corner of the women’s section all bright and cheery and brimming with cute swimwear styles I suddenly forgot that it was winter and headed right for it.

There were a handful of cute one-piece suits, but I was looking for new bikinis, and what is kind of brilliant about Target bikinis, is that all the tops and bottoms are sold separately, which is genius. As you know, different styles of tops and bottoms all fit differently, so it’s really helpful to get your perfect size AND mix and match different colors, prints, and styles.

I spotted a few I saw online and grabbed them immediately, along with about 15 others in various sizes and headed into the fitting rooms.

Boho Babe…

boho bikini_aztec print ruffle bandeau top

This fun aztec print makes me want to head to a summer music festival, wearing literally, THIS. It’s so fun and has great little details like the tassel ties on the bottoms. The ruffled bandeau comes with a removable strap that ties at the neck, but can obviously be worn without it.

I’m wearing a medium top and small bottoms here.

boho bikini in the snow_ faux fur vest+hat+boots

Aztec print bandeu top bikini with ruffle

Getting the Best Fit…

While I do love shopping online, to get the best fit, I strongly suggest you go to your local Target store and try the suits on. I know, I know, I’d rather not either… but the dressing rooms are nice and the lighting isn’t horrible and you’ll be happier with your bathing suit in the end if it fits correctly.

Many of the styles and sizes run differently. For instance, I’m a small in some bottoms and a medium in others. If I were shopping online, I would have just ordered mediums in everything and been unhappy with the fit. Also, finding a top that fits your bust correctly is a must, too. I tried on a few that I just adored, that weren’t right for my shape and had I bought them online, I wouldn’t have known. That said, Target.com offers free shipping and free returns, so if you absolutely must try the suits on at home, they’ve made it as painless as possible to do so.

Getting the right swimwear that flatters your body will give you that extra #NOFOMO attitude and push you to dive into the season with confidence and excitement… no pun intended 😉

Cool for the Summer…

Sporty black bikini with leather bomber jacket

As much as I love all my new Target Style swim suits, I think this one will get the most wear. It’s simple and black, and I also gravitate towards both of those categories, but it’s really easy to wear and is cool and trendy and sporty all in one. This will be the suit I throw on to go paddle boarding on the lake or hiking the trails lakeside. I LOVE that the top has no hooks or strings, the halter style just slips over your head and arms and is super comfortable.

I’m wearing a medium top and medium bottoms here.

sporty black bikini_leather bomber jacket

strappy black bikini bottoms with leather bomber jacket in the snow

And yes, if you’re wondering… THAT IS SNOW in the background of all my photos. I braved the weather and did 4 swimwear photo shoots in the 30 degree weather in the snow… and it was actually super fun! ! If you follow my on Snapchat [maegantintari] you may have caught the whole thing 😉

strappy halter bikini top

Seriously, HOW GREAT IS THIS TOP? I can’t wait to wear it in the summer as a layering top so that it peeks out of open backs!

sporty black bikini in the snow

No one is free from the self-doubt and insecurities associated with swimsuit season. We too often let how we look distract us from enjoying the best of spring and summer. This year, with Target’s #NOFOMO campaign, we’re taking on swimsuit season with a positive, empowering new attitude by encouraging you to stop worrying and start getting pumped for swimsuit season. No fear. No missing out. Just fun. #NOFOMO, TargetStyle.

Old Hollywood Retro Glam…

Two piece leopard print bikini in the snow

For the glamour puss in me, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous leopard print two-piece with a retro old Hollywood style. Leopard print is such a fun neutral and one of my favorite classic prints, but I’ve never had a leopard print bathing suit and when the fit was so flattering, I just HAD TO HAVE IT! I imagine I’ll wear this suit for soaking up the sun lakeside, on boat rides, and at dock parities with casual dips into the water, simply because it’s just so fabulous it has to be seen!

I’m wearing a medium top and medium bottoms here.

Retro leopard bikini_blonde hair_red lips_swimwear in the snow

Leopard Print bikini bottoms in the snow

There were two available bottoms for this suit, and I bought them both! These have a bit more of that classic retro feel with a nice little gather up the back but the second pair are exactly like the black bottoms above with the strap detail along the sides.

Leopard Print bikini_ Love Tattoo_swimwear in the snow

This year, nothing’s gonna hold me back from having the best summer ever, not even my age… in fact, it’s going to empower me!

How are you going to embrace #NOFOMO this summer?

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