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Confessions of a DRAMA QUEEN!

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Okay, It is confirmed. I am a drama queen.

I went to the “Lady Doctor” yesterday afternoon to get some blood taken and almost fainted. Yes, you read correctly. If I had not LAID DOWN ON THE FLOOR, I would have completely passed out and most likely knocked myself unconscious.

Here’s the story: The nurse stuck the needle in my vein and while she was draining the blood into one vile, I could feel a pinching in my upper arm {right where it’s attached to my torso} …so, not thinking anything of it, I told her – in a very nonchalant way. She immediately removed the needle and said she was worried she hit a nerve. About five minutes pass and she goes to stick the needle in again. Once the needle is in, she says “Your blood has just stopped” – meaning, it wasn’t pumping into the next vile. About two seconds later, my adrenaline kicked in and I felt like I was about to break a sweat. I said “I’m getting a bit light-headed …and, um, I may faint” and she pulled the needle out and tried to get me to lay down in the other room. I told her if I stood up, I would fall over so I bent over in my chair and put my head between my legs and started deep breathing. I could feel my temperature rising FAST so they put a cold towel on the back of my neck but it wasn’t working. I now had four nurses with worried looks surrounding me. At this point, my hearing was getting cloudy and I could feel my body going limp. I said I have to lay down RIGHT HERE. {so ridiculously hilarious!} I lay on my side and the nurse told me to roll to my back. I was ON FIRE and could barely hear. Seriously, I was seconds away from blacking out. But luckily, I did not. They gave me another cold towel for my forehead and now I’m lying on my back and have my shirt pulled up to my chest while four nurses stood above me, telling stories of when they fainted and of other patients who have fainted in the office. After about five minutes, my hearing came back and my temp went back down and I felt okay, phew! LUCKILY, there were no other patients there at that time but because of my drama, the poor nurses left later than they were supposed to.

Fainting history: I have had my blood taken at the doctor’s office many a time and have never EVER fainted or even gotten close to it. HOWEVER, when I was a senior in high school {age 17} there was a blood drive in the gym and I decided to donate {a full bag, not just a vile}. I gave blood no problem, had my cookie & orange juice after but remember feeling really low energy the rest of the afternoon. When school let out, I went with my friend Katie to the bank. She stayed in the car while I ran in. I was talking to the teller and out of nowhere she says to me “You look a little pale, are you okay?” I replied “I donated blood today at school and . . . . OUT . . . . I heard a faint MAEGAN? MAEGAN? and woke up on the floor to what seemed like 100 people standing above me. I mostly remember a lady wearing a bright lime green skirt suit handing me orange juice. The MAEGAN I heard was my other friend Jill who I hadn’t noticed standing at a teller nearby.

Seems like I’ve been extra chatty this week …lol.
Happy Friday!

Maegan Tintari

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