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Dip Painted Nails // Messy French Tip Manicure

nails, messy french tip manicure, succulents

Eager to try out the Messy French Tipped Manicure I was inspired by last week, I grabbed my two favorite blue hues and got to work. In the end, my left handiwork looked indeed like a messy French tip. But my other nails, painted with my right hand, looked more like clouds at the end of my nails. Cute, but not what I was going for. The blue only helped the cloud appearance. So then, reminded of my recent Dip DIY for Re:create, I decided on a combo: a dip-painted look meets messy French tips, which I liked just as well.

Here’s what I used…

nail polish, succulent plants

* Sephora OPI “My Personal Serpent”… which has apparently been discontinued. Find all the other Sephora OPI colors here
* Essie “Lapis of Luxury”
* Essie “Matte About You”


nails, manicure, rings

* Apply two coats of your base color and let dry. I chose My Personal Serpent, but any contrasting color combo will do. {photo via my instagram stream}

nails, manicure, nail polish

* Apply two coats of your lighter color onto 3/4 of your nail… at an angle. I generally used about three strokes per nail, then repeated with a second coat.

nails, manicure, matte top coat

* Apply your matte top coat to just your lighter, tipped section.

NOTE: Using a regular glossy top coat will cancel out your matte effect. I used no overall topcoat and my nails lasted about a week.


nails, manicure, brass bird figurine

nails, manicure, vintage wine glass

above shot also via instagram and about a week later

nails, messy french tip manicure, rings, jonathan adler book

Delilah insisted I paint her nails the same…

painting toddler's nails painting toddler's nails

Photos above courtesy of my sister in law, Morgan 🙂

delilah admiring her nails

Have Fun!

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