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DIY Hair Tutorial // Easy Updo with a Flower Crown Headband

DIY Hair Tutorial - Flower Crown Updo Roll

This is a SUPER easy and SUPER quick hair style that really anyone can do and it’s perfect for these hot and humid summer days… and I’m sure you’ve probably even seen it before. You can use ANY elastic hair band, but a flower crown {headband with elastic all the way around} really just finishes off the look in that perfectly pretty I just threw my hair up kind of way.

I found my elastic hair crown headband with a butterfly at my local Claire’s Boutique for about $16 I think, but you can get a faux flower crown anywhere these days, I’m sure of it. You can even DIY one by adding some elastic to the bottom of a floral headband you already have.

I’ve used a similar technique to create No Heat Curls… that admitedly didn’t work very well on my hair, but I think it probably is best for shorter hair styles, however, as an actual hair style, it’s glorious and I didn’t even need any bobby pins to make it stay. However, if I were going to be wearing it to an all-day event, I’d make sure to pin it in place JUST IN CASE.

Check out the fancier version of this hair style with curls and pins I wore a few years ago.



Hair Tutorial - Flower Crown Updo Roll 2-1

There are basically two steps.

1. Put on your elastic flower crown and adjust the front to your liking. I wore mine at the base of my bangs, but you can wear yours lower if you like.

2. Beginning with the sides, grab the end of your hair and simply turn it upwards and tuck it into the elastic of your crown – making sure to smooth the edges and hide all the ends within.

Hair Tutorial - Flower Crown Updo Roll 4-1

That’s pretty much it! Make sure to use a mirror to check out the back before calling it a day though, you’ll have a few hairs to adjust in the back, but they won’t be difficult. If you mess up, just pull off your crown and start over. It’s really that simple and so so pretty!

Hair Tutorial - Flower Crown Updo Roll 6-1

Hair Tutorial - Flower Crown Updo Roll 3-1

Hair Tutorial - Flower Crown Updo Roll 5-1

Shop elastic flower crowns below…

elastic flower crowns

Peachy flower crown // 3 Pink Roses Flower Crown // Daisies Crown // Pink and white flower crown // White Flowers crown // 3 White Roses Elastic flower crown // Blue flower crown {last 2 not shown} all from Amazon and under $10

Have Fun!

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