DIY Embellished Teva Sport Sandals with Gold Spikes

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
Let’s face it, fugly sandals are hot for Summer 2014 (and now in 2020!). From chunky “pool” sandals and Birkenstocks, to Frankenstein flatforms, sport sandals and even fugly sporty slides, these “normcore” foot strap-ons are everywhere right now, and I can’t say that my feet are too upset about it. Why? Because they’re ridiculously comfortable and I just can’t say no to comfort anymore.

When I first saw Prada’s bejeweled sport sandals walk the Spring/Summer 2014 runway, I immediately went to Amazon and bought two pairs of sporty Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals to DIY: one in black as seen here and one in a pretty cornflower blue thinking I’d bejewel a pair similarly. But then I saw the Balenciaga Arena Ankle Strap Sandals a’la The Cat & The Flat and fell in fug-love… cut to a few months later where I was finally inspired to do something a little bit different and a little bit the same.

For reference, my inspiration below… images: Vogue, Barneys NY, Spring Shoe Guide: Sporty Sandals

Sport Sandals 2014-Prada-Balenciaga
These Tevas are really easy to run a needle and thread through, so finding an embellishment that I could stitch on vs glue was a big bonus for me for a few reasons: 1. You know I don’t love glue because I’m always worried it will not only look cheap, but also fall apart mid-wear and 2. I like the versatility of stitching because it makes it impermanent. It’s stronger through wears, but at any time, I can snip the threads and go back to the basics to add something different.

This DIY took about 5 minutes per sandal. NOTE: The spikes are plastic! Not actually spiky or dangerous, though they may look like they are! They’re totally safe!

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas

  • Sport sandals. I chose these extra sporty Tevas for their chunkiness and similarity to the Prada version {plus, they’re more comfy and have more support for your feet than the original flat styles}
  • Embellishments of choice {preferably that you can stitch on/through} I used these gold Spike “beads” -one whole package PER SANDAL.
  • Needle/Thread/Scissors


This is surprisingly easy! You just need a good eye for where to place your beads/spikes.

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
* Beginning at the corner strap intersection, but not too close to the edge/buckle in case you need to adjust to fit your foot, run a stitch up through the bottom of your nylon velcro buckle, thread two spikes through, then as if hand-stitching, just run the needle back through the nylon.

* Running your needle/thread through the velcro is a bit tougher, but not even as difficult as leather. Just make sure to use a strong needle. But it slides right through the nylon areas.

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
* When you add two spikes at once, then secure your thread tightly back down/through the nylon strap, the spikes stand up in all different directions, and look really fun. Add as many spikes or beads or jewels to as many straps as you like.

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
* Make sure you don’t thread all the way through both straps… keep your stitches to the top layer/strap so you can still adjust your sandals.

{NOTE: try on your sandals before you begin this DIY so you can adjust them perfectly to fit your feet}

* You can also embellish the ankle strap, I just chose not to.

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
* Snip off your Teva tag {Sorry Teva!}… simply because it distracts from the design, not because we’re trying to fool anyone into believing they’re not Tevas. There is another brand label on the sole, which is totally fine.


And… Voila!

Fugly sandals and fugly toes 🙂

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas
DIY Spiky Sport Sandals-embellished tevas-prada-balenciaga
DIY Embellished Sport Sandals -Spiky Tevas

Have Fun!

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