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I’m Speaking Statement T-shirt DIY

I'm Speaking DIY T-shirt Kamala 2020

FINALLY some fun DIY Inspiration!

I’ve been feeling so crafty lately, searching for a little inspiration without avail BUT THIS, this was inspiring. Not so much that Kamala had to say it A MILLION times during the debate the other night, but for so many other reasons, and I wanted to make my own version… and so I did 🙂

There are a few different ways to do this DIY and tho this stencil/spray paint option was my first idea, it was the last one I did after two prior failed attempts at DIYs I thought would be slightly easier.

The first was using gel bleach (like I used to bleach dye my sweatshirt) on a medium blue shirt and simply handwriting I’m Speaking onto it… which actually would have turned out cool had I had a smaller squeeze bottle tip, but alas, the letters bled into each other and it was barely legible.

My second option was puffy paint. Yes, I happened to have one small bottle of silver glitter puffy paint left over from my DIY Frozen/Elsa costume a few years ago and I used it to hand-write I’m Speaking onto a tee. It actually turned out cute, but in a sort of ’80s summer camp way.

So lastly, I went with my first option and it turned out to be my favorite… Oh surprise.

Spray painting clothes, tho slightly toxic-smelling, actually works pretty well. I know this because I’ve done it in the past, but there are other options like using fabric paint or fabric spray paint that works well too. If you use TOO MUCH spray paint, it stiffens the fabric, but in this case, it works fine and it won’t disappear in the wash.

So let’s get to it. The most difficult part about this DIY is cutting out the stencil (I used a tiny x-acto swivel blade), but because the spray paint look is already “artsy” you don’t have to worry about being too perfect with it.

Here’s How I DIY’d it…

2020 Kamala I'm Speaking DIY T- shirt tutorial

1. Get a cotton t-shirt …I stole one of Chad’s 🙂 I linked to the brand he likes, they stay very stiff, lol, but it’s also because I don’t put them in the dryer. I’m wearing a men’s small.
2. Get some spray paint (I had some in the garage from an old project).
3. Download and Print the I’m Speaking stencil (or, create your own!)
4. Carefully cut out the letters with a small blade (the P, a, and g don’t have centers – because well, I didn’t care too much but you can choose a different font or cut them out slightly better than I did so you have a better result – but I like the sort of artsy, IDGAF feel to this one.
5. Take your t-shirt and stencil and spray paint outside and lay your tee on something like cardboard to protect the elements from overspray.
6. Place your stencil where you want it on your tee – mine could have gone about a 1/2″ lower, but I’m okay with it
7. Tape other pieces of paper around it so the rest of your shirt is covered – tape ALL THE EDGES so you don’t get overspray onto or under it … and then SPRAY!
8. Decide you like the overspray look and haphazardly spray it all over anyway when you’re finished…
9. Let dry.
10. Wear with pride 🙂 and remember to say it the next time someone interrupts you when you’re speaking.

DIY I'm Speaking t-shirt Kamala 2020

The random spray looks darker in this photo above than it does in reality…

* Shown hanging in our funky fun wallpapered powder room

I'm speaking t-shirt DIY - love Maegan

What I’m Wearing…

* DIY I’m Speaking T-shirt 🙂
* Camo pants from DL1961 (also seen here earlier this year and here last October) – they’re sold out now, I’ve linked similar styles in the shopping widgets, though I can’t find a similar cut
* Denim jacket from Hollister (Chad’s, also seen here) I like wearing his because it’s oversized and bulky
* Leopard Puma sneakers (also seen here) – they run a tiny bit big, you could size down if you often wear thin socks like I do
* Saint Laurent SL360 Sunglasses
* Marc Jacobs Pillow bag

2020 i'm speaking t-shirt

I'm speaking t-shirt DIY - love Maegan

I'm speaking t-shirt DIY - love Maegan

Actual MOOD (above) when someone (ahem, CHAD) interrupts me for the millionth time 😉

I'm speaking t-shirt DIY - love Maegan

I'm speaking t-shirt DIY - love Maegan

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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