Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan

casual style winter and sprint - storybook house in lake arrowhead with painted mural of woodland creatures

What I’m Wearing…

* White quilted sweatshirt with zigzag hem… old, bought it years ago. I have it in black too & DIY’d it.. but I still love the style! This cute semi-cropped fuzzy sweater could have a similar look and it’s only $34
* Camo pants from DL1961 – faves and on sale now!! Size down! They have stretch and they run large. Super comfy, but size down if you want them to fit vs be loose … Last worn here in the snow – also seen here in FallTHIS PAIR is about half the price and the fit looks similar but not exactly the same and they’re a lighter color combo
* Faux leather bomber jacket by Obey (also a few years old from a local shop on the mountain) – but always check the men’s department for cute jackets, especially if they’re in a unisex style like bomber jackets. Men’s are always less expensive and often they have really cute and classic styles too where women’s are more detailed or modified.
* Adidas superstars – a few years ago when I was searching high and low for these – I think 2016 – (because I remember from the 90s the sizing was a bit off, so I wanted to try them on before buying) I went into a shoe store in a mall and asked if they had adidas “shell toes” and the girl, who was very young and sweet, looked at me like I had just asked for zip ties, rope and duct tape (lol 50 shades joke) anyway, she didnt’ know what I meant and then I felt very old… So I’m guessing no one refers to these as “shell toes” anymore, but we did… way back in the gold ole 1990s 😉
* Philip Lim sunglasses
* Old white duffel bag (that used to be my daily bag and seen a billion times in my past outfit posts) by Alexander Wang – I actually have this bag in 3 sizes and I still love the sizes and style. I probably use the largest one the least, but I love the duffle bag style and the bottom studs take it to the next level. I also always love it with my white adidas.

* Title: Justin Bieber – Despacito ft. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan which transtlates to I’m getting closer and I’m putting together the plan

what to wear with camo pants - casual style - spring style - cropped zigzag white sweatshirt with camo pants and adidas

Trevor Update!

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you’ll know that all of Trevor’s tests came back negative! YAY! (I’m sorry for the delay here, it’s just easier to share in real-time there) and I’m so relieved, however, his scrotum (that word just makes me giggle) is still a little swollen and is still healing from all the licking he was doing to try to heal himself. Overall he’s feeling much better though and that’s amazing. I’ve got my eye on him every moment basically to keep him from licking because I hate putting the cone on him (and again, if you saw my IG stories, you’d also know that I tried one of those donut collars on him and then couldn’t stop laughing watching him walk and bump into walls and give me the evil eye, and he figured out a way to get out of it anyway and then play with it like a toy)… BUT when I have to leave, I cone him up.

We had another checkup appointment last Friday and the vet was still worried about the temperature of his sack and I quickly chimed in… I SWEAR THEY’RE NOT AS COLD AT HOME, HE’S JUST NERVOUS HERE AND IT’S COLD! And then I felt like some weirdo who touches her dog inappropriately and I SWEAR THAT’S NOT THE CASE ? but I had to check because the vet had me super worried about his freezing cold balls! ANYWAY, he was also talking about the two different kinds of neutering, which I honestly still don’t understand but he’s on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and they’re (i.e. his balls) almost back to normal now. We still have no idea what happened or how they became swollen and inflamed, which is worrisome, but it’s possible he had some trauma to them, which I wasn’t aware of, like Randy stepped on them or something? I don’t know. I just know that he’s doing better and we’re waiting it out. If they go back to 100% normal, then I won’t neuter him simply because I don’t want to put him under unnecessary surgery. There’s always a huge risk putting Frenchies under because of their smashed faces and I am not interested in losing him any time soon.

how to style camo pants - casual style, fashion bloggers, high-low looks

In other news, I’m trying to learn Spanish AGAIN – thus the title of this post… and yes. AGAIN. But honestly I’ve realized that I’ve never truly committed to it, never given myself a timeline goal and never tried that hard. But I really want to speak another language and Spanish has always been the one. I took two years in high school and have been to Mexico a handful of times (though not in years!) and can understand more than I can speak. I tried DuoLingo a few years ago (wow, more like 7-8 years ago now, jeesh) but again, if I don’t set a real goal with it (i.e. I want to be able to have a conversation in Spanish by March 1st and I’m going to practice every day for this amount of time) then I won’t prioritize my focus and learning.

Again, I reference my Instagram stories, wherein I shared my theory that if I watched Friends in Spanish I would learn faster because I can probably quote most Friends episodes, I’ve watched them so many times. I actually got a TON of feedback from people saying that’s how they learned English! So it has to work the other way around!

I had a few more suggestions that were great too like listening to music in Spanish (and I’ll have you know that I learned all the Spanish lyrics to that song Despacito when it was a hit a few years ago, thus the title 😉 ), another suggestion was to watch kids shows in Spanish on Netflix because they speak a little slower and it’s easier to pick up that way, which I thought was pretty brilliant as well. I’ve also been told that just having the Spanish-speaking music or show on sort of, in the background helps familiarize yourself with the sound of the nuances of the language, also brilliant. I found that a few shows like Stranger Things are dubbed in Spanish with English subtitles, but I’m super sad Friends is not still on Netflix in the US. Such a loss, lol. I also found a great free download app on Amazon Prime called Learn Spanish words with Smart Tech, that’s super helpful for words, but not phrases, etc. but I think if I put all of these things together, I might actually learn it!

Unfortunately I can’t find Friends episodes in Spanish with English subtitles even on youtube, but I have been watching in funny moments in Spanish and can actually pick up on some of it and then I just google words or phrases that I’m unsure about. I’ve learned a few new phrases already like estoy borracho… which means I’m DRUNK ? … thanks to Monica. I’ve also been watching this learn Spanish video on youtube, which is refreshing me on the basics.

So ultimately, I haven’t made a plan yet, but I’m working on it…. which seems to be the overall theme of 2020 so far… I’m working on it.

* IF you have any suggestions for good shows in Spanish or other learning tools, I’d love to hear them!

And now here are far too many photos of this adorable storybook house and me standing in front of it 😉

storybook cottage house with steam bent shingled thatched roof - how to style camo pants for spring

storybook cottage house in lake arrowhead with painted mural on walls

storybook cottage house with steam bent shingled thatched roof - how to style camo pants for sprin

how to style camo pants casual style - house with painted mural woodland creatures in lake arrowhead

storybook cottage house with steam bent shingled thatched roof - how to style camo pants for sprin

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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