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DIY Open Side Slit Sweatshirt

DIY Side Slit Open Sweatshirt with denim

I have this sweatshirt in both black and in white and for some reason, I never wear the black one. I’ve worn the white one a handful of times, but I’m never happy with the way this one looks. Maybe it just feels too boxy and because it’s black it morphs into one lump while I’m wearing it… anyway, I wanted to amp it up a bit and maybe/hopefully create something new from it that makes me want to wear it. And I think I was successful, though now it’s a bit too cold to wear it without anything under, but maybe not where you are 🙂 It would also be cute with a contrasting colored top or lace top underneath as well.

I love that when my arm is down, you can’t really tell it’s open at all, which makes it a little more mysterious and fun to wear… It think anyway.


Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Open Side Sweatshirt 1

  • Sweatshirt or sweater of any length
  • Scissors/Seam Ripper
  • Pins/Matching Thread/Needle



Decide which side you prefer… maybe your sweatshirt is ruined on one side and this is a great refashion upcycle situation?

DIY Open Side Sweatshirt 2

Open up the side seam of your sweatshirt using your seam ripper so you have a nice and tidy edge to work with and remove all loose threads.

You can choose to stop anywhere you like… I took mine nearly to the arm hole, but you can stop anywhere along the edge.

DIY Open Side Sweatshirt 3

Fold the edges in from the new point to the ends and pin in place. If you have material that will fray or ravel, make sure to fold it over twice.

I wanted mine at an angle, but you can choose to line it up straighter if you want less skin to show.

DIY Open Side Sweatshirt 4

Simply hem-stitch your new open sides carefully without creating any gathers or puckers. It’s easier in the quilted material I have here because it’s so thick I never had to stitch all the way through. Think about that when choosing the top you want to work with. A sweater will show the puckers, but since it’s knit, it will kind of disguise it as well.

Cut off any excess and finish your ends nicely so that if your top flaps open, it will look professional.

NOTE: You can choose to add large safety pins, sew on ribbons, or find a fun clasp so that you see a bit of skin through but it stays a little more closed. That was actually my original idea, but I liked the way mine looked open like this. I may do it to a sweater and add my large pins like my Versace inspired open back sweater DIY.


And… Voila!

DIY Side Slit open sweatshirt

DIY Side Slit Sweatshirt

You can’t even tell from the front!

zig zag edge sweatshirt with denim skirt and adidas

Skirt by Citizens of Humanity – see it earlier this year with Westwood “tits tee” // Adidas Superstars // Alexander Wang bag // Bra is from Victoria’s Secret

DIY Side Slit Sweatshirt_1

Have Fun!

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