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2 Super Easy DIY Leather Lace-up Gladiator Sandals


Gladiator Sandals and Lace-up Leather Sandals are everywhere right now and not only are they wildly expensive, they’re selling out fast.

My favorite DIYs spawn from necessity, or rather come from a desire to have something to wear in that very moment that I don’t own and thus have to make to get the feel or look I’m going for… which is what happened here. I wanted the look of leather lace up gladiator sandals, but I didn’t have a pair.

And then I remembered I had these Ribbon Sandals from SSeko that are simply a leather base lined with 5 loops so that you can thread any ribbon or shoelace through them and achieve a similar look with ribbons, etc. And since I had leather lacing in matching hues, I thought I’d try it out, and it worked swimmingly, giving me the clean gladiator look and the feel I wanted for my outfit.

I’ve scoured the interned for another version of these customizable leather bases but found nothing besides the Sseko version, which is not only solid, but made by women in Uganda as way to generate income to continue on to university. So even though they’re a bit pricey at $80 + your choice of ribbons, they’re worth it on so many levels.

But as I was looking through my inspiration photos {below with shopping links} I realized that a few of these popular gladiators looked similar to capri sandals with leather lacing attached near the top and continuing up the leg. So I grabbed my leather capri sandals, {which actually also happen to be by Sseko -but any will work} and simply ran my leather lacing through the t-srap loop, CROSSED IT so it would stay put, and laced it up my leg. See below…

1 diy lace up leather gladiator sandals with capris

ALSO NOTE: You can create a similar look with my DIY Barefoot Sandal and a pair of leather flip flops.

Either way, these DIY leather lace-up options are easy and perfect for music festivals so you don’t have to worry about getting your expensive fabulous sandals ruined 🙂


Leather lace up gladiator sandals

Top Row…

Miu Miu lace up sandals $595 // Isabel Marant Étoile Amy Ankle-Wrap Sandals $495 // Band of Outsiders Strappy Sandals $495.00

Middle Row…

Cynthia Vincent ‘Franky’ Gladiator Sandal $245 // Tibi Beacher Gladiator Sandals $525.00 // Valentino Aphrodite leather sandals $1,345

Bottom Row…

Schutz Billa Suede Gladiator Sandals $220.00 // CHLOÉ Lace-Up Tall Gladiator Sandals $1,370 // Valentino Aphrodite leather sandals $1,345

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY easy knee high gladiator sandals

Easy Step…

Simply run your leather lacing through the loops on your sandal base and then up your legs. Measure your leather on your leg before cutting… you need more than you think. Allow for extra if you want to create a tassel-effect.

DIY easy knee high gladiator sandals

Lace em up however you like!

TIP: Apply lotion to your legs {and let dry} before lacing/wrapping your leather up your legs helps your laces stay put a little better.

easy diy shoes _lace up gladiator sandals

Two different color laces shown above and in the first photo at the top to demonstrate a thicker lace look, which also was a bit sturdier as well. I chose the two colors just for demonstration purposes, but two of the same or two contrasting would be cute.

And… Voila!

diy gladiators

diy easy leather lace-up gladiator sandals

easy diy lace up gladiator sandals

diy leather lace up sandals

Wearing the laces low around the ankle proves to be just as cute, though doesn’t distract from my fugly toes 😉

Have Fun!

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