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Valentine’s Day Pajama Party at Dogwood Tavern

valentine's day pajama party

We threw a Valentine’s Day pajama party at Dogwood Tavern because well, why not?!

We LOVE throwing themed parties because A. there’s not a LOT to do on this mountain and B. it gives people something to look forward to and DRESS UP FOR… even though dressing up is not mandatory, it makes it way more fun! And of course, not everyone dresses up, but I can always count on the ones that do, who, like me, happen to love costume parties and go all out on their outfits. THEY GIVE ME LIFE!

For our first few parties last year, we had an actual photo booth but now I just create a cute themed photo backdrop wall so people can take their own photos… however, it’s pretty dim and the photos come out too dark (as you can see here) so next time I’m going to bring in a few lights and create a better set up. At our ’20s NYE party, someone was helping out by shining their phone flashlight for everyone taking photos, which made such a huge difference… With each party, I get a little better at figuring out what we need to make it a hit. Admittedly, I’m not the best party planner, but I’m learning by trial and error so hopefully each gets better than the last.

The main goal is that everyone has a good time and that at least, I can vouch for.

What I Wore…

cute black and white pajama set with pink velvet robe and furry slippers

In January a brand called MeMoi sent a PR email with their recent collection and when I saw the soft pink crushed velvet robe and black furry slippers I thought THAT’S PERFECT for the party (they also have adorable Frenchie slippers, but I went with all black) and they kindly sent the items to me.

Originally I thought I’d just wear this striped dress that I never wear because I always feel like it looks like pajamas (perfect, right?), but when I put it on with the robe, I wasn’t feeling it… then I remembered I had this adorable black and white pajama set by Adore Me from a few years ago that I’ve maybe worn once or twice as actual pajamas, and when I slipped that on, it was perfect with the robe, so I went with it… and with my tights, I stayed surprisingly warm all night.

I would have preferred to wear black stockings with the seam up the back, but opted for tights to keep warm. They have a fun lace up detail up the back but I can’t find them anywhere online.

valentine's day pajama party

The pajama party balloons were pretty cute and fairly simple to blow up and install even though the T broke -NBD, and of course, the entryway would have been entirely better with the fireplace actually ON, but we hang long foil fringe curtains opposite the fireplace which blocks off the game room and all the heat would get trapped in the entryway. Oh well. We blew up a bunch of balloons to cover the floor with and I have to say, the best were the confetti balloons which when they popped would SHOOT OUT confetti all over the place. A mess to clean, but super cute.

I think next time I’ll decorate the day before to save time and so I can shoot photos of the space decorated before the party starts. I don’t know why I have such a hard time merging the work I do at/for Dogwood with the blog… I feel like I’m finally wrapping my head around the idea of incorporating it more here since I honestly get questions about it on Instagram DM all the time. So the parties are a start I guess.

One more look at this cute ensemble…

cute black and white pajama set with pink velvet robe

valentine's day pajama party at Dogwood Tavern

valentines day pajama party at dogwood tavern-things to do in lake arrowhead

He’s wearing a plaid thermal onesie with these black moccasin slippers and added the fanny pack because he had no pockets which was hilarious with the teddy bear popping out the top and actually functional… I love a man who will dress up 🙂

Happy Monday Lovecats! Hope you had a nice weekend!

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