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DIY GEO Christmas Ornaments from Pipe Cleaners

1 geo christmas ornaments DIY

It wasn’t until I made my Spectacular Starburst Tree Topper last year that I discovered the awesome that is pipe cleaners. And not just any pipe cleaners -metallic pipe cleaners. For some reason beyond my comprehension, when I use them in holiday projects, they go from being tacky craft supplies to fun and fabulous Christmas decorations, and I can’t get enough. I have a few DIYs coming up using them but here is my first! I’m sure it’s been done {though I didn’t use another DIY for inspiration}… and here’s my version.

These look a bit difficult, but they’re pretty easy!

What You’ll Need…

DIY pipe cleaner christmas ornaments-1

  • Metallic pipe cleaners
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire {I used 21.9m} optional, but makes it easier


DIY pipe cleaner christmas ornaments-2

For each geo ornament you’ll need 2-1/2″ pipe cleaners. Begin by cutting three pipe cleaners in half with your wire cutters. NOTE: If you’d like to make them smaller, cut them again, if you’d like to make HUGE ones, don’t cut them at all.

Snip small sections of wire, less than one inch long. {see below}

1 DIY Pipe Cleaner Ornaments steps

1. Bend one pipe cleaner into a square {or rectangle} and close it by wrapping wire around the ends. Bend the four others into open bottom triangles.
2. Attach your open triangle to each corner of your square by simply bending the ends up.
3. Now pinch your two opposite triangles together and secure them at the top by twisting your wire around them.
4. And finish by doing the same thing to the opposite side.

geo pipe cleaner ornaments

NOTE No1: You can use extra pipe cleaner instead of wire to secure your edges, but they’ll be a bit bulkier.

NOTE No2: Your triangles will both come together opposing ways, make sure when you bend your edges over the square in step two, you do so that they face each other and are “hidden” from the outside.

DIY pipe cleaner christmas ornaments-4

Easily make little hooks by bending small sections of pipe cleaners around your corners.

This would also make cute garland hanging from a mantel! Just string it together on rope, yarn, or even clear nylon thread.

And… Voila!

2 geo pipe cleaner xmas ornaments-2

geo metallic pipe cleaner ornament 3 DIY

geo metallic pipe cleaner christmas -ornaments DIY

geo metallic pipe cleaner ornament 4 DIY

geo pipe cleaner xmas ornaments-2

pipe cleaner diy ornaments


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Have Fun!

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