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DIY Hacks: 2015 Fall Fashion Trends // Black Turtleneck Choker Dickie

DIY Hack_Turtleneck Choker_Fall 2015 Trends

Flipping through the Fall 2015 Runway “most wearable” fashion trends this month had me thinking I could easily DIY almost all of them… so I thought I’d create a little series of DIY Hacks based on the Fall Fashion Trends seen at all the major fashion mags as of late… and since this one was the absolute easiest, I thought I’d start with the Turtleneck Choker Dickie… because it’s fairly fabulous and versatile too!

Inspo: Turtleneck Choker

Fashion DIY Hacks! Turtleneck Choker - Fall 2015 Trends

The choker is back on the runway, and it’s not the slim velvet necklace you recall from the ’90s. Instead, on the runways of Tome, Altuzarra and Ohne Titel it serves as the turtleneck of the future, less an accessory and more part of the whole look. A floating finish to the top, if you will. And endlessly elegant to boot.

Ah, the illustrious turtleneck dickie: not quite a scarf and not quite a sweater either. Seen with everything from sexy dresses at Altuzarra to chunky knits at BCBG, the turtleneck dickie is the thing for fall.

Sources: The Turtleneck Dickie at ELLE and Choke Hold at Bazaar.

Fashion DIY Hacks! Turtleneck Choker - Fall 2015 Trends

You can easily use a neck or arm of an old turtleneck sweater, but old leggings or opaque black tights do the trick as well! I grabbed a pair of old footless leggings that I don’t wear because they’re so tight I feel like I’m going to die when they’re on… and easily created this turtleneck choker trend with only a pair of scissors. Well, and a chair to stretch that baby out! I didn’t want to ACTUALLY choke myself whilst wearing said choker šŸ˜‰ But if you’re looking for something a little fuller, go for the “thighs” of your good old cotton leggings.


Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Turtleneck choker from leggings_1

  • Old leggings or tights
  • Scissors



DIY Turtleneck choker from leggings_2

Simply grab your old leggings and cut about 4-6 inches up from the bottom.

If the ankle is too tight, cut from the thigh. {or use a chair to stretch it out like I have}

DIY Turtleneck choker from leggings_3

You’ll want to cut double the actual width because the jersey on the leggings or the nylon of the tights will curl under AND you’ll want to fold it in half for extra opacity and turtle-neckery. But you can give it a few tries on your own.

If you want more of a thick turtleneck feel, grab an old knit sweater and jut cut the neck or upper arm off. You may need to do a quick hem stitch on any knitwear but jersey or nylon won’t fray.


And… Voila!

DIY Turtleneck Choker_ Fall 2015 Trends

DIY Hack_Turtleneck Choker_Fall 2015 Trends

DIY Turtleneck Choker  _  Fall 2015  Trends

Other Uses for old nylons and leggings…

1. Headband 2. Hair Tie 3. Bracelet/Cuff… The list goes on, get creative with your old clothes!

Have Fun!

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Stay tuned for more DIY Hacks for the 2015 Fall Fashion Trends!

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