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DIY Hair Accessories // Gold Tree Branch Hair Pins Barrettes

messy bun with bangs_ gold branch hair pins diy

After plucking off all the little white flowers to make my DIY Floating Hair Flowers I tossed these stems onto the large stack of boxes in our garage which will eventually make another move out onto the curb, but low and behold – – I found another use for them.

I am, by no means, the originator of said DIY Gold Branch Hair Pins, they’ve been done a million trillion times before, but mostly I’ve seen people use real branches from actual trees, which is great and all, but don’t they get brittle and eventually break? I dunno. I don’t really care, lol. All I know is that I was able to use and reuse something and turn it into something new instead of tossing it in the garbage, and that’s a win for me. Also, they’re really cute 😉

What You’ll Need…

DIY Gold Branch hair pins_1


DIY Gold Branch hair pins_2

Using your wire cutters, trim your branches to fit your large bobby pins. I made mine about an inch or more longer so they’d stick out on either end.

DIY Gold Branch hair pins_3

Spray paint your faux twigs gold and let them dry.

DIY Gold Branch hair pins_4

Using the edge of a flap from a cardboard box, slide your jumbo bobs onto the edge.

Bend your twigs if necessary so they lie flat along the edge of your pin. BUT it doesn’t REALLY matter if they’re off a bit…. I glued them to the flat side, which admittedly, makes them a bit more difficult to slide into my hair BUT not impossible AND they’re just decorative, so they stay put just fine.

NOTE/TIP: IF your hair is very fine and the jumbo pins slip out, find a smaller bobby pin or hair pin that may still be just as long as an alternative or use skinny hair barrettes instead. You can also opt for finer/smaller branches, based on the type of faux flowers you get.

DIY Gold Branch hair pins_5

Apply your E6000® glue to the edge and set your branches in place, holding for a moment until they stay put.

I was a bit worried if I got glue onto the box the pin would stick to it so after about 15 minutes I moved them around a bit, but there was no issue with that at all.

And… Voila!

DIY Gold Branch hair pins _ fashion books

gold branches hair pins_ blonde messy bun+bangs

Wearing my DIY Open Back Sweater with Large Pins

messy bun+bangs+fringe+gold twig branch hair pins diy

DIY Gold twig hair pins_fashion books_coffee table

They’re surprisingly versatile in a way that is pretty or whimsical and fairytale-like but they’re also cool and strangely edgy depending on how you wear them… I love that.

messy hair bun+bangs+twig pins

Have Fun!

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