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DIY Heart Etched Wine Glasses with Ecco Domani

DIY Etched heart wine glasses valentines day wedding
I was astounded when I first learned how easy it was to etch glass a few years ago and quickly bought a small bottle of etching cream to monogram everything I owned. And then it sat there amongst my DIY craft supplies for years unused.

It wasn’t until I recently partnered with Ecco Domani and was asked to create a Valentine’s Day DIY that would accompany their yummy Italian wine, that I finally had the perfect excuse to use it! I love hearts so really, this DIY could work for anniversaries, wedding gifts, or any time you just want to upgrade your everyday wine glasses with a cute and personal touch.


Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 1

  • Wine glasses, stemmed or stemless will work, as long as they are smooth glass & not faceted
  • Adhesive vinyl {I’m not sure what else to call this, but I used a little extra corner from a large wall decal I have waiting to be used. It sticks well and is water tight, but easy to remove} You can also use household contact paper. I do NOT recommend painter’s tape… it doesn’t work.
  • Etching cream you can find at your local craft store or online
  • Craft sponges or a stiff short paint brush
  • Gloves | Paper towel | Scissors
  • And Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio, of course!



DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 2
Cut your adhesive paper into small squares, fold them in half, & cut a half-heart to create your decals. Make them as small or as large as you like and use as many as you like for your personal design.

DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 3
Peel and stick them to your clean wine glasses where you’d like your hearts to appear. I placed mine around the entire glass, near the lower half so that I could see them through the wine once it was poured.

The adhesive will pucker a little and I found the best place to overlap it was at the point. Press the tops down and out with your fingers, smoothing it out as you go, then overlap the bottom point as you can see in the photo above.

DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 4
If you’re using a craft sponge, cut the edges to fit in the etching cream bottle.

DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 5
With your protective gloves on and in a well-ventilated area {though it’s not too potent really}, apply a fairly thick amount of etching cream to your open heart decals. Be sure to spread it evenly so you get a consistent design.

DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 6
Let them sit for a few minutes… the bottle says about one minute. I left them for about three minutes just to make sure it set right. Also, because I used a good amount, they were a little drippy, so I had to alternate the glasses from top to bottom as they sat there so the cream didn’t drip onto the glass beyond the adhesive & ruin my design.

DIY Etched Wine Glasses - 7
To remove the etching cream, take the glasses to a sink and with cold water, and a clean craft sponge or paint brush, brush off the cream as you hold the glasses under the faucet until all etching cream is gone. Remove your adhesive strips and clean off any area that still has etching cream.

***Wash your glasses entirely with soap before use!


And… Voila!

Heart Etched wine glasses DIY
Etched Heart Wine Glasses DIY -Ecco Domani Wine
ecco domani italia pinot grigio wine
Pour your wine and enjoy!
Heart Etched Wine Glasses diy gift ideas
Wine glasses with hearts - diy etching glass

Here’s to the little things… Here’s to turning everyday into an event! They make all the difference in the world.


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This is a sponsored post by Ecco Domani… all DIYs are my own 😉


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