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DIY Living Christmas Ball/Pouf Decor

DIY Living Christmas pouf ball decor

Though we hung our little white Christmas lights around our house at the beginning of November, I’m just now getting started decorating for Christmas on the inside. We picked out our tree yesterday and it’s being flocked and delivered this afternoon {unless the weather gets out of control} but I’m super excited to decorate it, yet I don’t really have my color scheme in mind yet. I’m going to have to wait until it gets here to see what colors look best on it and in the space.

But in the meantime, I realized that we now live in a forest, cluttered with pines and evergreens. We are basically surrounded by large Christmas trees! And to bring a little bit of that holiday scent in, I created this living Christmas ball pouf that I can hang or simply set on the table for an easy little {and inexpensive} holiday DIY decor.

Note that since it’s partially living, and I didn’t include any way to water it, the lifespan of this pouf ball won’t be forever. Unless it dries really pretty and rustic-looking, I’ll have to toss it at the end of the season.


What You’ll Need…

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-1

  • Small foam balls
  • Small twigs and branches from a nearby tree {I apologized to the tree with each snip, I honestly felt a little bad cutting from it}
  • Faux flowers, branches, feathers, and moss or whatever you’d like to fill it in between.
  • Spray adhesive
  • Rope or ribbon
  • Scissors and possibly wire cutters
  • Pretty pins



DIY Living Christmas ball decor-2

Trim small but sturdy pines from your branches and carefully stick them as far into your foam ball as possibly.

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-3

If you wish to hang it!

Once you’ve got it about half-way done, tie your rope/ribbon in a knot…

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-4

Find your top/center and using your pretty pins, secure your rope to the foam ball.

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-5

Finish filing in the upper half with more living branches.

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-6

Now begin filling in the spaces between your living twigs with faux twigs and flowers. I used the sticks that once had my little black flowers on them so as to not let them go to waste!

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-7

I added a few peacock feathers as well, but you can add whatever you like to match your decor!

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-8

I then took my pouf outside and carefully pulled apart some reindeer moss into small sections. Using my tacky spray, I blasted the white spots showing through and stuck the moss in between to disguise the leftover foam ball.


And… Voila!

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-12

Set it on top of a large vase and you have instant holiday greenery!

DIY Living Christmas ball decor-15

Use it as part of your table setting!

diy living hanging christmas ball

Make one or make a dozen! Hang it from your curtain rods, chandeliers, in the guest rooms for that yummy Christmas tree sent! I also wrapped some wired pearls around it when I hung it for a little extra sparkle.

Again, it won’t last all season unless you can water it, so if you’d like it for a special event, make it a day or two before you need it so it keeps fresh!

That peacock feather sticking out looks like a bird head from a nest!


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Have Fun!

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