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DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans inspired by Paige Denim

DIY  -  Pearl embellished distressed skinny boyfriend jeans_denim on denim

Inspiration Paige Denim Dolly Embellished Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Jeans $359.00

Scrolling through Shopbop‘s “What’s New” section, I happened upon these cute pearl embellished jeans by Paige Denim and immediately knew I had a DIY on my hands… AND I knew had all the materials on-hand to complete it ~ so I got to work. Of course there have been plenty of other pearl embellished jeans or embellished denim DIYs BUT this was a new take and I thought they were pretty cute and since my DIY juices have been flowing again the last few weeks, I just couldn’t resist.

Denim on denim_pearl embellished jeans_neutral blazer

* Also wearing: Vintage blazer {seen here} a million years ago with my pink scallop hem dress back at the gallery // Madewell shirt // Steve Madden suede pumps // Tiffany gold initial necklace // Bracelets by Cynthia Wolff // Sunglasses by Stella McCartney

* See me wearing these light wash Target jeans here and here with a white biker jacket


Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Pearl Embellished skinny boyfriend jeans-1

  • Jeans… preferably a skinny boyfriend simply because if they’re too tight or too stretchy, you’ll have a “pucker” issue with the pearls.
  • Plastic pearls in 4 sizes and two colors. I have white and ivory.
  • Needle/Thread/Scissors

NOTE: this took me about two hours to complete.

Also NOTE: Although you CAN machine wash these, I’d probably hand wash them and hang or lay them to dry. I rarely put my jeans in the dryer, so it’s not an issue for me at all.



DIY Pearl Embellished skinny boyfriend jeans-2

Ready your pearls… Decide visually how/where you’re going to place them.

I use a piece of felt so they don’t roll around

DIY Pearl Embellished skinny boyfriend jeans-3

There are two ways to attach your pearls, and I used both. First, you can stitch on one pearl at a time, which is really the best way — but takes a really long time. It’s the best way because you avoid any “pucker” AND if a thread comes loose, you lose only one pearl rather than a handful. So generally I attached the large pearls one by one and the tiny pearls consecutively on one long thread.

Thread your needle and begin near your pocket with your largest pearls, pulling the thread up through the back and through the pearl and denim twice, then knotting and snipping the thread to finish. Make sure you place your stitches close to each other {and behind the pearl} so you see as little thread as possible. Don’t make them too tight or too loose.

Scatter your large pearls one by one then go in with your medium pearls, then your tiny ones to fill in the spaces.

The great thing about this DIY is that you can be as consistent OR as inconsistent as you like. A more consistent look creates a prettier and almost preppier feel whereas a scattered design creates a bit of deconstructed and edgier look. It’s up to you!


And… Voila!

Denim on denim _ pearl embellished jeans

Denim on denim_ neutral blazer and pumps_pearl jeans

pearl embellished jeans_tiny hand tattoo

DIY pearl jeans _ denim on denim look

Have Fun!

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