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DIY Open Back Sweater with Satin Bow


I know, I KNOW… another open back sweater DIY! I just can’t help myself though, and I love my latest version.

This idea is not necessarily original, having seen about a billion pins of an open back sweater with a bow on Pinterest, AND having made a version in the past, BUT I wear my DIY Versace Inspired Open Back Pin Sweater SO OFTEN, that I needed another option for myself. It’s also a bit more revealing than my OTHER open back sweater with a satin bow DIY {I know, I know, I’m clearly obsessed} but I rarely actually wear that one because I don’t like the way it looks in the front.

I found this sweater at the local Bass store for $10 and so I bought three of them. I figured I’d DIY one or two, and I did… but this third one has been sitting in my drawer unworn since I bought it. Recently when I realized I’d been wearing my Pin back version too often, I decided it was time to make another one because as much as I love the way this sweater style hangs in the front, I HATE the long back, so I never wear it… and this was my alternative… and I absolutely LOVE IT.

NOTE: For the photos, I went braless, but most probably in real life, I’d wear it either layered over a strappy bra, or a lace bodysuit, especially now, in the winter… and yes I WAS FREEZING taking these photos {but not as cold as I was wearing bikinis in the snow last winter!}

Here’s What You’ll Need…


* Sweater, preferably with a medium knit and a heavy weight to it. Mine is 55% cotton 45% acrylic
* Scissors
* Needle & thread & pins
* Large satin ribbon



Lay your sweater flat, front down and decide where you want to cut.

If you feel more comfortable marking it out, turn it inside out, draw your cut lines with a ruler.


Instead of cutting a straight panel from the back, as I did with my DIY Safety Pin Sweater, I cut a triangle shape, beginning from the edges and tapering inward toward the collar.

NOTE: My sweater is a high-low… longer in the back, making the sides dip down a bit.


Roll in the edges and pin your new sweater hem.


Using a hemstitch, create your new back edges by sewing the raw edges under.

* NOTE: this worked far better than the running stitch I used in my Saftety Pin Back Sweater because you can’t really see any of the stitches here, whereas in the other one, you can.


Take two large ribbons satin ribbons, cut a flat edge and carefully singe it with a lighter to prevent fraying. Fold the end under twice and pin each to the back side of your sweater collar.

Leave your ribbons as long or as short as you wish and cut your ribbon ends into a pretty V shape and finish with another singe.

And… Voila!








Have Fun!

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