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DIY Restroom Signs ~ Woodsy Discs & Modern Decals

DIY Rustic and Modern public restroom signs for a bar

I know this seems like a funny DIY to share but it’s a follow-up to my Dogwood Tavern restroom renovation post… which I was hoping to get up a bit more quickly but you know, I have zero time right now, lol. The original renovation post was so long I just figured I’d create a second post for these DIY signs I made.

You can see the original doors and old signs in the before photos from that post as well. We replaced the doors, stained them and added the hardware and in fact purchased these brushed silver restroom signs from amazon… but they never showed up. So in a pinch, I made two options, and they turned out so cute that we used them both.

DIY Rustic Woodsy Signs…

Living in a forest makes it pretty easy to find ample wood for use in woodsy projects galore. For this, I asked my stepdad if he could cut a few wood discs for me from little round logs he had lying around, and he did! He also cut them on a bit of an angle which allowed the bark to show a little bit more on the top edge, making them more of an oval shape and slightly more interesting (I think, anyway).

If you don’t live in a woodland area, you can find pre-cut wood discs like this on Etsy.

What You Need…

* Wood discs
* Wood burner
* Printed letters/scissors/ruler (or you can just eyeball it/freehand it)

1. Cut your wood
2. Print your letters
3. Trace them onto your discs
4. Burn the design into the wood with your wood burner. I used little horizontal lines to give them an even more woodsy look.

5. Finish them with a clear coat or don’t!

We hung them halfway up the wall on either side of the door jam with a nail gun.

DIY Modern Decals…

I love the way these turned out, though they’re not even close to perfect (but I don’t think anyone will notice -although they might now that I’m pointing it out 😉 but I don’t care. I love them).

I wanted to have a simple black or dark grey sign that contrasted with the wood door and gave it a modern look. I remembered I had a few bird decals from my stairwell makeover years ago and knew they’d work perfectly.

What You Need…

* Wall decals (grab a roll of black vinyl adhesive for so many projects!)
* Printed templates
* Tape/Blade

1. Searched for male/female restroom signs, resize them to fit (if necessary) and print them out.
2. Tape your templates to your decals.
3. Trace and cut them out or use a blade to cut our your designs.
4. I used a circle punch for their heads 🙂

Peel and stick them onto your surface!

Obviously you can create any design you want! Once I punched out their heads I thought it would adorable to make polka dots with them. Super easy polka dot wall decal design!

And… Voila!

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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