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Drifting Away… Wave After Wave, Slowly Drifting

on the road, among the tall trees, in lake arrowhead, camo sweater, black jeans, easy style outfit, love maegan tintari

What I’m Wearing…

* Camo sweater
* high waist Faded black jeans
* Black faux leather bomber jacket – this Gucci bomber is sick
* Lace up boots
* Balenciaga bag

* Title: Mr. Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)

I think we shot this within the first few weeks Dogwood Tavern was open, so it was still cold out, though it’s not an entirely exciting outfit to share, the road and the trees and the lighting were just beautiful, so we had to capture it.

I have to admit that I’m still slightly in shock and upset over the news of Anthony Bourdain’s death… and I know it sounds strange because I didn’t know the man, but in a way I felt like I did. Like so many celebs whose careers we follow, we get to know a personality in a way we think is real, whether it is or it isn’t, we fall for it. We can’t help it, it’s what they portray, but Bourdain felt SO REAL all the time, like what you see is what you get and I loved that about him. I loved his honesty and his humor and how blunt and tell it like it is he was and I even loved when he was a bit of a sarcastic ass. He just seemed to always be excited by life and took life by the horns in every way imaginable and to hear of his sudden suicide just seems so anti-Bourdain in so many ways, the irony is not even funny.

He seems like the guy who would shit all over anyone who would even talk about taking their own life, let alone be the guy who did just that. I just don’t see how it adds up. And maybe, just like anyone, we didn’t really know the full truth. Maybe he was very depressed and just couldn’t handle it all anymore. Maybe it was too much for him to bear and maybe he felt like he had no other option… but I still just don’t believe that. At. All.

It was a sad week knowing that two very famous people took their own lives and it only made me think about all the very UN-famous people who may have done the same… people who we will never hear about in the news or on social media and it saddens me to the core that with all the sharing that people do these days, that we are still lying about the realness of our minds, the sadness that consumes us, going on pretending that everything is okay when in reality we are all struggling with something. And maybe social media makes it worse… I tend to think it opens doors in ways that weren’t possible in the past, opens lines of communication and allows us to connect and share – but that instead we filter everything to look much better than maybe it is. And I get it. I’m part of it. Sometimes I see social outlets like instagram strictly as business and sometimes I see it strictly as art and other times I see it personal AF, but I’ve always been pretty open and honest about what I’m going through even when everything sucks (here at least, and in written-typed word – even if I’m smiling in the photos) and because of that many of you have reached out to me as well and I love that. I do it for that.

Whenever I’ve gotten down about blogging or sad over a mean comment and wonder why I put myself out there for possible criticism and attack, I remember the people who have emailed me personally and shared their story and also remember that it is why I do it over anything else. And even now, in a public space at the bar, when people are in there having the time of their lives, yelling THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER and laughing and having so much fun, it takes away all the hardship and all the stress of actually running a business like that – because that’s why I did it.

Life is hard. NO matter what, it’s the little things that can take us down and the little things that can bring us back up. It’s a smile from a stranger on a bad day, it’s a compliment from someone when you leave the house feeling less than your best, it’s the look in someone’s eyes when you see a real connection and it’s the way we all reach out to each other and are there for each other in ways we may not even be aware of… that’s where all the meaning is.

If you’re having a difficult time -reach out to someone. And if you see someone having a hard time -reach out to them. It could be that little bit of human connection which brightens the darkest day and changes the life of someone forever. It’s important that we are there for one another. It’s important that we don’t hide the truth and lie about the reality that we are in. It’s essential that we connect with each other and lift up the human spirit each and every day… in fact, it should be at the top of our to-do lists.

…because even if that bit of kindness offered to someone else is the only thing we cross off of the list for the day, then the day was a total and complete success.

Love to you all 🙂 <3

on the road, among the tall trees, in lake arrowhead, camo sweater, black jeans, easy style outfit, love maegan tintari

on the road, among the tall trees, in lake arrowhead, camo sweater, black jeans, easy style outfit, love maegan tintari

on the road, among the tall trees, in lake arrowhead, camo sweater, black jeans, easy style outfit, love maegan tintari

Happy Tuesday Lovecats!

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