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Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart Cuz It’s the Only One I Got

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What I’m Wearing…

* Shoes: Trotters Lizzie from Zappos

* Vintage leopard blouse (see how I’ve worn it in the past here)
* Vintage oversized cardigan (seen here earlier this year and here a hundred years ago)
* Jeans by AG (seen here – WITH HEELS and seen here with boots)
* Vintage sunglasses (my own from the 90s)
* Woven bag is my mom’s – it looked best with these shoes! So I grabbed it from her while she held the camera šŸ˜‰

* Title: Backstreet Boys – Don’t Go Breaking My HeartDid I finally find me a river that could lead me out to the ocean?… ‘Cause I’ve only ever known the kind of love … That leaves you bodied and broken …So forgive me for my mixed emotions —I downloaded this song the other day having no idea it was the Backstreet Boys! Happy they’re going for it again!

These were my very first pair of expensive sunglasses. I bought them when I was 17 or 18 in or around 1994 for about $75 at Val Surf, where I worked at the time (so I also got a discount) and I lovvvvvvvved them. I wore the shit out of them, but I also took care of them and never lost them and 25 years later, I still have them, and I still lovvvvve them. Now that the skinny sunglasses trend has returned, I’m so glad I have them because I happen to like them better than the new options, and that’s fun AND I don’t have the urge to buy a new pair.

I really take pride in caring for items I love. They don’t really have sentimental value, but I feel a sense of pride keeping things over time in good condition and re-wearing them over and over again. There’s something about it that makes me feel good, and maybe it simply comes from growing up with little and knowing that if I didn’t take care of the things I had, I wouldn’t be able to replace them. Maybe it’s simply that, but still, even now, I feel a sense of pride when I know I’ve taken care of something and its value is the same or has even increased over the years because of it.

It’s why I can still wear my grandma’s leopard coat that she made in the ’60s, because she took care of her things as well. It has zero monetary value really, because it’s handmade, but it’s one-of-a-kind and has stood the test of time and I think she’d be proud that I am still wearing it now, keeping a little bit of her legacy alive (in a way).

For this reason, I opt for quality over quantity as much as possible, and have lived this way for quite some time. Though my closet is quite full now, I’ve really tried to invest in pieces that are timeless and that I know I’ll still be wearing years from now. I think I’ve even proven that on this blog over the years, demonstrating how I’ve worn the same pieces over and over again in new ways and hopefully keeping it modern and fresh.

I know it’s far easier to shop fast-fashion sometimes because you can get a lot of items for very little (and I definitely have, as well as accepted gifts from fast fashion brands over the years) but to me it’s more fun to find the original pieces vintage or save up for a special piece and know I’ll have it in my wardrobe years from now. In the end, it’s better on the environment and smarter financially to have an investment mentality when it comes to your wardrobe and it always feels like a work in progress.

I recently partnered with Zappos for Trotters shoes because of their quality and workmanship AND I loved the style of these lace-ups in particular. I really don’t wear heels anymore, which is crazy and I honestly never thought I’d hear myself say… But I have a weak left ankle, live in the mountains and wearing heels to work at Dogwood is just ridiculous… But I’m also not a ballet flat type of woman. I don’t know why but they always make me feel like an awkward little girl and so I always lean towards loafers or oxfords when it comes to flats, and of course, sneakers and boots.

These woven leather cognac lace-ups are a new fave! I’ve already worn them a handful of times and the reviews on Zappos were really helpful in choosing what size to get. I’ll end up leaving my own positive review as well because they’re great.

They run narrow so I opted for a wide width and I’m so glad I did because OMG they are so comfortable! The quality is obvious in their fit, their super soft leather and inner cushioning and flexible sole. They fit true to size and if you have narrow feet, you’ll probably be fine with their regular width.

They have a cute menswear feel that I think works well with almost anything. Even though here I’ve paired them with loose boyfriend jeans for a casual look, I’ve also worn them with skinny jeans and a blazer and loved the edgy-preppy (biz-casual) vibe as well.

I know I’ll find them in my closet years from now and them for years to come, and that makes me happy with my choice.

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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