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If it’s true what they say about acknowledging you are crazy …makes you anything but …then I AM CRAZY. However, knowing that is not much of a help when I feel absolutely out of my mind.

Do you ever just want to move away …to an island maybe or even small town {since I grew up in the city}, to a place where no one knows you and you can start a completely new life? A do-over, if you will?

My birthday is more of a “New Year” to me than January 1st. It’s a time when I evaluate my life, my accomplishments …and my failures. And more than that, I’ve had so many life-changing moments and traumatic events that have taken place on or near my birthday that unfortunately, all those memories slowly creep up on me in the form of tears and lumps in my throat.

There will be no outfit post because I’m working from home today. I’m not sure if I’m sick in the head or sick in the stomach but either way, both lead to the same outcome. Sick.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes yesterday …they made me smile 🙂

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