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How to Make DIY Blue and White Floral Print Jeans

Floral print jeans DIY - blue  pumps and bag
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Floral printed jeans and pants are everywhere right now. I think J Brand has my favorite pair to date but if you’re on a tight budget or haven’t found the perfect print, why not DIY your own? Which, of course, was my thought exactly! I have about 3 pairs of white jeans, thanks to some of the clothing brands I’ve partnered with… so, I had a pair to spare in case my idea went majorly wrong. Happily though, it didn’t! They turned out marvelously and I love them. I decided to stick with blue hues, but you can use any color or colors you like! It didn’t take as long as you may think, though I actually began this project over a month ago, I ran out of blue markers and had to wait for a new shipment. Go into i knowing it will take some time and spread it out over a few days.

What You’ll Need

DIY floral jeans-1-1

* White jeans {mine are Levi’s Made & Crafted}
* Fabric Markers. I used Sharpie “Stained” fabric markers for the majority of my design… It took 5 of them! I used Crayola fabric markers in the lighter blues for shading and details.
* Lace or floral pattern to trace.
* Cardboard

* Questions about laundering? Wash them in cold, as you would any of your jeans, and hang them to dry {I never dry my jeans}. The markers are permanent. Have you ever tried to get an accidental pen mark out of your clothes? It’s almost impossible – HOWEVER, Sharpie “Stained” markers’ brush tip writes thick and the ink has been specially developed to resist fading when washed as all fabric markers most probably are.


DIY floral jeans-2-1

* Begin at the ankle of your jeans, and if you’re shaky, the back of the ankle. This way, if you mess up a little at first, no one will notice way down at the bottom of the back of your ankle! Slip a piece of cardboard in between just so your marker doesn’t transfer to the other side of your fabric.

DIY floral jeans-3-1

* I used a lace pattern because I liked the rough, textured look it created, and found one flower design in particular to repeat over the entire leg for continuity.

DIY floral jeans-4-1

* Holding the lace taught, carefully {or not so carefully} mark right through the lace onto your jeans. {it’s similar to the effect I created with my Snakeskin Printed Tank Top DIY}

DIY floral jeans-5-1

* It should look like this… your flowers do not have to be perfect.

DIY floral jeans-6-1

* Repeat the flower pattern to cover the front and back of your jeans. Make sure to space your design out and tilt your flower in various positions for a more free-flowing look. Also, don’t forget to place some over the edges and seams of your jeans. Seams never line up perfectly on legs!

DIY floral jeans-7-1

* You can also free-hand, if you’d prefer. I did so a bit in between my flower pattern. I also used a different part of the lace to create a leaf design, and drew some of my own with a stippling technique.

DIY floral jeans-8-1

* Add some dimension with various shades of blue. I also went {stippled} over and around some of the edges with a darker blue for more depth and texture.


blue and white floral jeans  DIY

DIY Floral Jeans - gun vase

diy floral jeans-white jeans with blue floral pattern

* find the mounted gun wall vase here

Have Fun!

* Psst! Wearing them in my 30/30 denim look later today!

See how I wore them HERE!


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