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Gift Idea // DIY Faux Wood Coasters – Ready-Made & Free!

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine

I was at Dogwood the other night working and as I was rummaging through an old cupboard looking for who knows what, these little wood “coasters” fell out onto the floor in front of me.

I mean, at first I honestly THOUGHT they were coasters… but then I realized they were FLOOR SAMPLES we picked up from Home Depot months ago when we were contemplating faux wood floor options at the time.

I immediately thought WELL THESE WOULD MAKE PERFECT COASTERS and took them home.

My mom stopped by the other day and I pulled them out of my purse to show her and ask what she thought of them AS COASTERS and her first reaction was… I don’t need a coaster for my water bottle on your countertop, do I?

I started giggling and knew that anyone would also think they were coasters!!!

She had no doubt they were coasters until I told her they were floor samples and then we both delighted in how amazing it is and how Home Depot is not going to like me posting about going to their wood flooring section and basically choosing sets of 4 faux wood floor samples in matching or non-matching faux wood grains, tying them up with cute bows and then giving them out with bottles of wine as holiday presents, will they? šŸ˜‰

No. They’re not… But it’s a really good idea. So… do it šŸ˜‰ – – just don’t tell them what you’re doing.

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine


1. Go to Home Depot
2. Go to the flooring section
3. Choose your samples (if your location allows)
4. Wrap them up in cute ribbons
5. That’s it!

Technically, no, this is not a DIY and obviously, this is hilarious to me because it’s so silly, BUT IT’S SO PRACTICAL TOO, lol. AND they DO make REALLY GREAT COASTERS!

IF you DO want to DIY some and happen to have leftover faux wood planks from a project you did, you can probably just have one (or a few) cut down into perfect little coaster squares and create the look on your own.

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine

This gorgeous candle is from the Starling Project (Vanilla-Hemlock) which smells DIVINE and whose mission is to help provide sustainable solar energy to communities in need around the world through the sale of each candle, making it the perfect gift as well!

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine

Also, it was purely coincidence that my little coaster gift wrap up matched (previous sponsor) and last year’s Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio bottle by designed by Zac Posen like PERFECTLY! I still think this is just one of the prettiest bottles for holiday gifting, so if you can still find them, snatch them up!

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine

DIY Faux Coasters- gift idea with wine

Happy free Holiday Gifting!

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