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fall style summer sun dress with blazer and sneakers

What I’m Wearing…

* Floral summer sun dress (the one I’ve been wearing on the boat all summer) is actually a few years old from Free People… you can see me wearing the dress here a few years ago…. but also, there are tons of cute floral dresses at shopbop right now and even though there is a major sale going on, they are on the expensive side. but just saying 😉
* ASTR the Label ARLO Blazer from last year (s/o on shopbop but amazon still has them!)
* Old Skool Vans
* DIY Saski Necklace… you can buy the ruby onyx kit to make your own here. I used ten ruby beads for every one silver bead. I just love it.
* Marc Jacobs pillow bag… which I’ve been using for a while now and loving.
* Apple watch… was a birthday gift and I’m still trying to get used to wearing it. I haven’t worn a watch in ages but I love the fitness features.
* Saint Laurant sunglasses… which were a big splurge a few months ago but I can’t help myself with sunglasses.

* Title: Dua Lipa – Levitating Featuring DaBaby

All of my thoughts are completely zeroed in on one place right now: My New Office. And that’s really fun, because since renovating and opening Dogwood, I haven’t had one larger goal that I was working on and God did I miss it. I missed that creative thought process that just ignites all of my senses and has my brain working overtime and MAN DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

It’s interesting to pay attention to the things that truly bring you joy and light your eyes up because that’s how you know what you are passionate about. It’s also important to pay attention to the things that don’t, of course, but in my case, the “not having” of the project or goal truly affected me negatively in a way I wasn’t even really aware of.

It’s during those times that I start focusing on things that really don’t matter, making mountains out of molehills and just sweating the small stuff that ultimately should be a clue into my mental health. But when you’re feeling like you’re spinning aimlessly in circles not growing, not doing, not being, not living, it’s really hard to see the larger picture because you make all these unimportant things seem important.

Does that make sense?

It’s such a weird thing, but I’ve felt it for a while now and it has definitely affected me in ways I didn’t even realize. It wasn’t until I made a decision, got exited about it and leapt into my sweet spot that I was able to have any insight on where I was vs where I am.

I mean, I’ve obviously had this realization in the past, but more recently I’ve been thinking that maybe I just lost my passion for all the things and was floundering a little. But clearly that is not that case. SO, the moral of the story Lovecats, IS… KEEP DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE and don’t ever stop living a life you love.

I know, I know, it sounds so lame and cliche, but nothing is truer.

ANYWAY… I’ve been DYING to get started on renovating my new office, but I need Chad’s help with a lot of it because he’s a pro and can get things done way faster than I can because I will literally use a tiny paint brush just to get started and he’ll be like UH NO, we’re going to tape off this entire room and SPRAY IT. But that means I have to wait until he’s free and he’s in the middle of a HUGE project of his own right now and a handful of others. So I must wait…

But not for everything.

I have been doing what I can at least but I’m literally walking around LOOKING for things to do to get this project started!

It’s so funny that I love the journey of a huge project but I also have zero patience and just want it done, which kind of defeats the purpose, but I’m just so excited to make this a reality that I cannot wait any longer!

So in the meantime I’me staring at Pinterest for hours on end looking for standout options I may not have thought of, wondering what paint color will work best, perusing thrift shops and local shops for a few key items I’m missing and well, waiting… not very patiently, to get this project going!

My mom and I had quite a fun/funny time shooting this at the golf course last week… I won’t get into details because let’s be honest, it’s probably only funny to us, BUT there were golf carts literally racing by me at top speeds and we basically shot photos in between me running in and out of frame, laughing and waving and apologizing to everyone, and then there may have been a small crowd of people watching… okay it wasn’t a “crowd” per se… but anyway, the hijinks my mom and I get into when we shoot is just ridiculous but it has us laughing about it for days 🙂

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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