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New Mountain A-Frame Office Color Palette & Mood Board

color schemes and palettes for new office

Well, my excitement for renovating and decorating my new office was put slightly on hold this week when on Monday evening, after spending a good part of the afternoon painting (priming) the exterior of the A-frame, I started feeling under the weather. And then for the days that followed I basically sat at home on the couch feeling extremely terrified and anxious about what might be wrong with me.

Now, normally, I tend to lean on the anxious-about-my-health side, but NOW, during COVID my health anxiety is especially high. Because you know, DEATH and COMPLICATIONS and INFECTING OTHERS and if you do survive, POSSIBLE LIFELONG SIDE EFFECTS.

I’ve checked my temperature daily and the highest it has gotten was 98.0 and Thursday it was 97.5, so I’m good, but I feel like I have a fever, that cold, chills, sweating situation… and a bit of stomach upset and scratchy throat, mouth weirdness, foggy eyes, and EXHAUSTED. I basically feel like I’m fighting a cold, but also, last week was a big one.

Not only did I sign the lease and get the keys to my new office – SO EXITING! I also had my upper right rear molar yanked out of my mouth due to an old and infected root canal that had fallen out a few weeks prior. I recently watched a documentary called Root Cause which scared the living shit out of me and had me asking my dentist a million questions and also getting a CT scan of my mouth because apparently regular exrays don’t show extreme problems, which of course, I have at the moment. Anyway, the dentist ripped out my tooth, took a few vials of my blood, spun it to create a little platelet blanket (or something) which is gently set into the space in which the tooth took up, along with a COW BONE (yes I said that) to eventually install an implant back there.

It was horrifying. This is the second time I’ve had it done now, but the upper mouth is much more extreme than the lower in terms of pain and healing. And well, since this old root canal was indeed infected, I was put on Amoxicillin for 5 days and an insanely toxic two-times-a-day mouth rinse and I’m hoping that this (and my body reacting to the amoxicillin) is truly to blame for the way I’ve been feeling for the past few days… or at least I’m hoping it is.

Needless to say, I’ve been reading a lot and sleeping and praying to Lord Baby Jesus that I am healthy.

I’ve been wanting to share my ideas for my new office all week and am finally just getting to it now. I have massive plans and well with a small budget, I may only get about 75% of what I want it to look like, if I’m lucky, but I’ll make it work, even if it takes a little longer than I originally planned.

I created a board on Pinterest called Rustic Modern Glam Office because I am not exactly sure what direction design-wise to go in and well, those words kind of sum it up. But the more I think about it, the more I Parisian inspired it might be, in a way…

Paint Color (or similar)…

I’m leaning towards dark walls because I really want this space to feel different than my last two offices and because I’m using much of the same furniture and curtains, I’m afraid if I go with a light color, it’s going to look and feel exactly the same and I do not want that.

So I’m really loving a dark grey-blue tone (slightly bluer than the swatch above) and think it will be gorgeous BUT painting such a dark color is a risk I’ve never really taken before other than our powder room, which I actually LOVE. Hopefully it turns out as good as it looks in my mind.

bue and blush

Possible (partial) Color Palette…

Basically the blush pink curtains and the grey-blue wall and light wood flooring… (though it’s all a little teal above, but you get the idea) and I just realized, until I recently changed the colors up a little, my main blog colors were navy blue and the same blush pink!

However… this is nice too

Though I do really love the look of this (above), I’m just slightly worried it will be TOO BLUE and a grayer tone is too boring if it’s this light… I mean, boring for this space. I love grey I just want a little hint of blue in it.

The Space…

Since the ceilings are pretty low, I’m planning on painting from floor to ceiling, including all the baseboards and trim in the same dark grey-blue color. The walls are paneled in worm wood, which will add a really cool texture in a dark color I think and pick up light in interesting ways.

Though I’d love to rip out the boxes on the ceiling and add new light fixtures, there’s not much I can do about the lighting, so I’m planning on painting the entire ceiling, including the dark boxes all in white or a light grey.

I’m leaving the wood plank wall because it’s kind of fun and adds to that mountain rustic vibe that aligns with the fireplace/mantel, which I’m not going to paint and would really love ONE LARGE mirror leaning against that wall. I’ve got two medium mirrors, one found by my mom for free and one found at a local thrift shop for $50 – SCORE. So I many end up adding a bunch of mismatched vintage mirrors to this wall (like a mirror gallery wall) to make the room look larger and hopefully give me a great place to shoot outfit selfies 🙂 a necessity, obviously.

I want to add a few shelves above the cabinets and paint them all in the same color as well.

All the windows will get my blush pink curtains except maybe the shorter ones along the front. I may have to get roman shades for those of think of something else for that area.

I probably will end up redoing the floors… sanding and then a light stain or clear coat.

Desk Inspiration…

stone granite marble table

I fell in love with the idea of an old stone table as a desk… especially the one above.

But I may have found one that will work in a similar way.

A Few More Inspo Photos I’m Loving…

Check out my Pinterest for all the inspiration I’m crushing on right now

I’m leaning vintage chic/rustic/glam because I always fall in love with photos of really old distressed buildings and spaces.

I’m so loving this everything painted the same color trend; baseboards, door frames, ceilings, etc… I noticed this while watching Outlander and loved it and now I’m seeing it everywhere. I’d love to paint the ceiling the same but since it’s so low I’m afraid it will feel a little heavy if I do.

Exterior Ideas…

Most a-frames lean mid-century modern, but since this one was built in 1969, and only has the slanted ceiling on the upper level, it has a much different vibe. I kind of want to add a lot of greenery out front like a little English cottage. I know, it probably sounds weird, but it’s a feeling I’m after and I just hope I can achieve it.

You can see more of the before photos in here: My New A-Frame Office Space

Image sources: @thinkoutsidegardens / remodelista / style by emily henderson / country living / the casa collective / greige design / howard studio design / rachel parcell

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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