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Harley Quinn Makeup & Hair // Batman Arkham Knight DIY Costume

Harley Quinn hair and makeup tutorial - Arkham Knight -Batman 1

Technically Harley Quinn‘s costume is entirely black and red. HOWEVER, there are TONS of different versions of her look and variations of her outfit.

This particular outfit that I’ve recreated is from the Batman video game released June 2015 called Arkham Knight. I decided to go with red and blue additions to the black and red BECAUSE A. in different lighting it does happen to look blue {case in point, my inspiration photo below} and B. to tie in the NEW Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie in next year’s Suicide Squad and C. I just liked the blue for a little bit of contrast.

I’m obsessed with the details of the look but also ran out of time and couldn’t create the designs in her tights or the quilted look of her corset. However, I’m pretty stoked with the way this entire thing came out and it was a blast to make, wear and shoot.


Harley Quinn’s makeup and hair ARE PARTICULARLY EASY as far as costumes and makeup looks go. White powdered face, black eyes, red lips. DONE.

Messy pigtails with colored ends. DONE.

But here are a the products I used and a quick tutorial just in case you need a little help with your look.


What I Used: Makeup…

tools_harley quinn makeup how to


Harley Quinn Makeup DIY - face+eyes

  • Cover entire face with white cream makeup and blend. Her look is not perfect, but powdery and a bit messy. I left the area around my eyes bare but blended inward a bit.
  • Using baby powder and a facial puff, blend the areas that may not have taken as well and around your jaw line by patting gently and rubbing where you need to.
  • Begin your eyes with a gray/black shadow and an eyeshadow brush. This doesn’t have to be perfect… begin at the crease of your eyes and work out, create a look somewhere in between really bad smudged eyeliner to an eye mask. Layer and darken as you go.
  • Go in with your liquid eyeliner and create a messy cat eye, filling in the area below your lower lash line in a controlled but messy fashion until you’ve created a look that’s dark enough. Some photos you can see the details of my liquid eyeliner better than others, but the look is entirely up to you.
  • Using black powdered liner, I filled in my eyebrows heavily with a pointed arch to match the arch of the shadow mask I created.
  • Finish with your favorite mascara.


What I Used: Hair…

tools_harley quinn hair how to


Harley Quinn Hair Tutorial

  • Pull out the front of your hair and separate it from the rest. If you have bangs, or better yet, side-swept bangs, this hair style will be easy peasy. Make sure to keep strands down the sides out as well.
  • Pull your hair up into HIGH pigtails… teasing and/or back combing if you need to for extra volume.
  • Using rubber gloves and in a well-ventilated area {I actually went outside} spray the ends of your hair AWAY FROM YOUR FACE until you get the perfect shade of blue and red. AGAIN NOTE: THIS WILL STAIN YOUR HAIR but very subtly – two washes later and I still have a hint of red and blue at my ends, but I kinda like it!


Finish with bright red lips!

Harley Quinn Makeup and Hair Tutorials

To get the “crazy joker smile” create a small “wing” just a hint up from the corners of your mouth on your upper lip. It REALLY creates the fun psychotic Joker/Harley smile!


And… Voila!

Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume makeup hair tutorial halloween cosplay

Harley Quinn Arkham Knight DIY  Costume halloween cosplay makeup hair  tutorials

Don’t forget to act the part!!!

Harley Quinn makeup and hair tutorial

The crazier the better!

Crazy Harley Quinn  Batman Arkham Knight costume diy

Harley Quinn

Stay tuned for the final DIY Costume tutorials to finish the look!

Happy Costuming!

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