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I asked of my reflection, Tell me what is there to do?

fishtail braid with black dress and brown accessories

What I’m Wearing
* Ridiculously old black dress …from Contempo Casuals, yeah, that’s how old it is. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it since I was at least 19 years old. I still love it. It’s polyester so it really never fades or shrinks. It always comes in handy! …seen here all summery!
* Vintage Nordstrom purple blazer …I think the last time I wore this was June 2009!
* Asos boyfriend belt
* LAMB studded heels even a bit high for melast seen here with fur!
* DIY tassel earrings
* Louis Vuitton Speedy
* Tom Ford cat eyes

* Hair: top clipped up in the morning and let air dry …did a quick side fishtail later in the day. I kind of love how I created a striped chevron effect with my highlights but I got lazy at the end and my arms hurt. FISHTAIL TUTORIAL HERE

* Title: lyrics from Squeeze “Tempted”

I get a lot of emails and Tweets and comments about how I stay in shape {thank you} …and to be honest, and I’m gonna try not to sound like a total asshole but I’ve been pretty lucky UP UNTIL NOW. {though I’ve been saying that for the last year or so}. I’ve always been active and was athletic as a kid. I danced and took gymnastics and ran track and played all kinds of sports. Even in my early 20’s I waited tables while waiting for an acting career to take off, which obviously never did but working at the Hard Rock Cafe 5 nights a week, running up and down stairs all night with plates of food, is a pretty fantastic work out. I slipped and fell and hurt my back on the job and realized that if I stretched at night before bed, my back pain was gone in the morning. What was also great about my stretching routine is that it elongated my muscles, not to mention relaxed me, and really kept me in shape. I continued my hour long stretching routine before bed for years . . . and then 2007 came around and I thought I was preggo, blah blah blah I stopped caring so much, was less active and started sitting more because of blogging. Also, I’m going to be 35 in June and while I love my 30’s more than I did my 20’s, I prefer my 20 something body to this bag of mush. While I still weigh the same …my once hard and strong muscles have slowly become soft and smushy and my once high butt has become a bit sad and jiggly. And for the past 2 years I’ve been threatening to do something about it. And I just cannot seem to motivate myself to care. So I realized this is exactly where a personal trainer would come in handy!

Yesterday afternoon was my first session. I told her I didn’t care about losing weight …what I wanted was to feel strong again, to be tight, and to be solid when I flexed my legs and butt. So we did squats, and more squats and leg lifts and all the while I was whining like a baby NO, NO MORE, I CAN’T ..but i did. And today I went to work and every time I got up from my desk I whimpered in pain and every time I sat down, I cried a little more. I couldn’t even go to sit on the toilet without holding onto the wall for support. But that’s what I wanted. And I’m committed because it’s just gonna go downhill from here if I don’t do something about it now.

So yeah, I’m in quad agony hellfire but I’m going to see her next week …and the week after that until my ass is rock solid again and my reflection from the backyard into the sliding glass door of me in my bikini doesn’t jiggle with dimples in the harsh sunlight. I’ve finally made the decision to be healthy again …and forever. So yeah, I’m totally doing it.

fishtail braid in hair

fishtail in hair

fish tail braid

fish tail, fishtail braid, braid, hair



fishtail braid and cat eye sunglasses

Happy Friday Lovecats



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