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I wasn’t going to share …but


As ridiculous as this sounds, when you live in LA, it’s all about your car …or maybe I’m just shallow, but I’d like to blame it on the city. Try to image sitting in your car for an hour to go TEN MILES, and then think about what you’d like to be sitting in for that hour of, well, sitting.

I have driven a Land Rover Discovery since 2002 – I’ve had two different ones – AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! But they don’t make the Discovery any more. They have replaced it with the LR3 – and I don’t like it at all! I had it as a rental when my car was being serviced last summer and it was all wrong. The only other car I liked by Land Rover was the Sport – so dreamy but not exactly in my price range AT ALL. I was thinking about the BMW X3 but I’m not really a “beemer” girl. I really just wanted to stay in the LR family because of the ease of turning in my old car.

So, on the way home yesterday I stopped by LR Encino instead of BMV. I immediately found a sales rep (super tall – like basketball player tall – black guy from France) who was awesome. [I kept thinking about Tony Parker and his rap song “Balance Toi”]

If you’ve ever been to LR or driven by one, you may have noticed a sort-of rock hill off to the side of the dealership which demonstrates the awesomeness of LR’s. Well, Fabriz told me he HAD to take me over this track or someone else would get the commission on the sale. I said fine and told him I had been over it before and was not at all scared.

He then tells me it’s only his second time on the track. …we get half way over this “trail” and my body (in the passenger seat) is now parallel with the GROUND. I was still keeping it together until I felt the back wheels SLIP and I thought FOR SURE we were going over ME FIRST.


He goes “WHOA, I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T SCARED” in his French accent. TERROR!

After we finally made our decent and were back on flat ground, we switched positions and I test drove it. I have to admit it is fabulous but still WAY OUT OF MY PRICE RANGE and honestly, it’s too big. I wanted to spend LESS in fuel not more. The bells and whistles in that car are to die for!

I thought my time at LR was over and was ready to throw in the towel and head over to BMW when I saw the LR2 in the showroom. Now, I had looked at this car online and decided it was not good enough. Pep loved it and was pushing for it but I wasn’t sold on until I sat in it! and OMG. To my surprise, I LOVED IT. So, Fabriz took me on a test drive and I loved it even more. It’s the smallest of all the LR’s and the newest edition. The gas mileage is WAY better and it’s small enough to fit in our parking garage!

SO, I am now the proud owner of the LR2. It’s like a mini-rover! It’s so cute! I got it in Whistler White with ebony leather interior and 19″ wheels (LOVE ME SOME WHEELS) and the seats are so much more comfortable than the Discovery I had. I love it and I thought I hated it!

Here it is 🙂

I will have this until the bio-diesel LRX concept car arrives in a couple of years. Just in time for my 2yr lease to be up!

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