I’m Just Tryna Make it Back Home by Monday

biker chic_black on black with green

What I’m Wearing…

* Black biker jacket with gold hardware from Wilsons Leather {they have plus size available too!} – runs a bit big! I bought a small!
* Old black tank
* Black skinny jeans by Henry and Belle
* Vintage gold chain choker, “T” initial necklace by Tiffany & Co., various gold rings and bangles, vintage sunglasses
* Altuzarra for Target over the knee boots {Tradesy has an 8.5}
* Black box bag by Sophia Hulme
* Vintage green scarf {inspired by Versace 2015 and for a little St. Patrick’s Day inspo}

* Title: lyrics from Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney – ‘FourFiveSeconds’

A Wilson’s Leather outlet store popped up a few months ago in the village up here and I spotted this leather jacket the moment I walked in -and fell in love. I didn’t buy it or even try it on because as much as I loved it, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect classic biker jacket with silver hardware since, well, forever.

It actually began way back in high school, when for Christmas one year in the 90s, I asked my dad for a biker jacket with silver hardware that I had seen at Contempo or maybe even Wet Seal. It was THE trendy jacket of the moment and every inexpensive clothing boutique carried their version in a super thick and cheap leather for about $100. My dad lived in Vegas at the time and had the most opportune shopping at his fingertips. I told him IN DETAIL which jacket I wanted and even gave him a picture of it… of course these days I could just send him a text or email, but we didn’t have such luxuries back then. The point is, I made it super easy for him to get me the jacket. When I visited him on Christmas, however, and he handed me the large and heavy box, I was sure he’d gotten me the jacket of my dreams. I carefully unwrapped it and opened the box to find a beautifully buttery black leather jacket, and when I pulled it out, was the exact opposite kind of jacket that I asked for. It had HUGE shoulder pads and puffy sleeves and was just far “older” of a look than my 16 year old self could pull off. I smiled and thanked him and he immediately knew I was disappointed and told me that this jacket was far superior and over $300 and better than the one I wanted. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but I said, but daaaaad, it’s not the jacket I wanted, and mine was only $100 compared to this $300 you spent. Needless to say, my mom got a beautiful jacket from her ex husband that year that she may actually still have and wear. I, on the other hand, have been searching for the perfect classic biker jacket since that moment in time, only to come up short.

The last time I passed the Wilson’s outlet I decided to go in to see if they had any new jackets with silver hardware, and they did not… so at the sales woman’s advice, I tried this one on anyway… she also told me that “gold was really big for fall” and I giggled to myself… but when I tried on the jacket, I had to have it. It fit perfectly and was so soft and the original price of $650 was at this outlet for $140… does it fill my perfect biker jacket void? No. Unfortunately it does not. But I do like it.

My hunt continues… though in searching for my jacket at Wilson.com to link to, I just found the classic biker jacket I’ve been looking for. dammit. lol.

Black and gold_mod biker chic

black leather biker jacket with gold hardware_black on black

black and gold_motorcycle jacket

biker chic

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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  • Jeanne

    March 9, 2015 |

    Very chic all black outfit Maegan!

  • Laura Mitbrodt

    March 9, 2015 |

    I love your boots and jacket

  • Allie

    March 10, 2015 |

    That jacket is gorgeous! I am more of a silver person myself but I do love that jacket.

  • The Office Stylist

    March 10, 2015 |

    Haha, I can totally relate! Even though you didn’t get the jacket of your dreams as a teen, this one definitely makes up for it. I love the gold detailing against the black leather. So versatile and so chic.

  • drollgirl

    March 10, 2015 |

    wilson leather! ohmylordabove i used to go into wilson leather as a teen and daydream about all the leather jackets and about the motorcycle i would someday get. LOL!

    you look fab as always. and, btw, your stomach is the EXACT opposite of mine. lol

  • Maegan Tintari

    March 10, 2015 |

    I know, RIGHT!??!?! It reminds me of every mall in the ’80s!

  • xoxo Darya

    March 11, 2015 |

    …every mall in the ’70s, girls. Gah…now I just sound wretchedly old and tight-assed.

    PS – Lifting the lid of a gift box to NOT find your much specified & even more anticipated gift is the absolute worst ((((THE WORST)))). Thanks, bad non-custodial Dads, lazy ex-husbands, lousy boyfriends & even worse not-paying-attention-so-called best friends…hmmmph.

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